Tiny Action: Block the Tax Scam Vote

We’ve continued closely watching the GOP Tax Scam - perhaps the worst legislation in decades - move forward, and just yesterday Republicans in Congress announced that they have reached a deal on final tax legislation.

This “deal” continues to be anything but business as usual, fails to serve the middle and working classes, and only benefits the richest Americans and biggest corporations. Now after Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama, Republicans have a choice: They can wait on voting for the tax scam until Doug Jones takes his seat in Senate as they insisted on during the health care vote of 2010, or they can continue on their current sprint to get this horrible bill passed at any cost.

This week, call and write your senators and demand they WAIT until January to vote on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and vote NO when it comes to a vote in the Senate. After you’ve called and written them, flood their Facebook and Twitter accounts with messages of #NoJonesNoVote.

Hi, my name is [NAME]. I vote in [State] and I live in [country of residence].

I ask that Senator [NAME] "withhold her/his consent" and refuse to vote on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act until Doug Jones from Alabama is seated.  I also ask that s/he vote NO once the bill comes to a vote in the Senate.

I believe that it is wrong to jam through the tax bill without giving a duly elected senator the opportunity to cast his vote. Senate Majority Leader McConnell asked that the Senate hit “pause” when it came to voting for the health care bill in 2010, after Scott Brown won a special election, and it would only be fair and just to do the same thing now and wait until Senator-Elect Doug Jones is seated. There is no reason to hold this vote now, rather than waiting just a few weeks.

I am strongly opposed to the bill itself. Analysts on all sides admit the bill gives large, permanent tax cuts for the wealthy and large corporations, and fails to deliver to the middle class as promised. The tax cuts will not trickle down to average Americans.

Please record my contact information so you can let me know what the Senator decides to do. 


The GOP Tax Scam will be bad for the country, bad for middle class Americans and the poor, bad for women, minorities, disabled people, and bad for our national security.

The GOP Bill:


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