Tiny Action: Marching to the Ballot Box

After a few weeks off for the holidays, we hope you’re ready to get back to work!

We’re just a few days out from the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, but also the anniversary of the Women’s March — the largest single-day protest in history that sparked a year of activism for gender equality, from the #MeToo movement to record-shattering numbers of women running for public office.

Last year, we didn’t just march against Trump. We marched for equality.

This year, we’re not just marching in the streets. We’re marching to the ballot box.

This week, stand up and speak out. Show Washington that you’re still watching and that you’ll be voting this year for candidates who support women’s rights.

  1. Visit our listing of women’s march events to find local activities in your area, and RSVP to support in person this weekend.

  2. If you can’t join, or if there aren’t events taking place near you, voice your support online. Post a picture of why you stand with the women’s march and why you will be marching to the ballot box in 2018

  3. Whether participating in person or online, be sure to send your best pics to [email protected]

Can’t join the 2018 Women's March in person? Join online! 



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