Tiny Action: Plan Your Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not about barbecues and summer kick-off parties. It’s also not about how we feel about today’s elected leaders, or even where we may stand on America’s military actions.

Next Monday, Memorial Day, gives us one single day — and one single moment in particular — to honor those who gave their lives for the country. To remember, so that we do not forget, the sacrifice that American families have made, over one million times.

This week’s Tiny Action: Take a moment to support those who have given so much, and, if you can, join us in person this Memorial Day to honor those who have died.

Visit your country’s page in the menu above to find out if an event will be held in your area.

Democrats Abroad has been a strong supporter of veterans and military families around the world since our inception, and we continue to continue to do so today. As we mark the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI this year, we’ll be visiting memorials and laying wreaths at cemeteries around the world and we welcome you to join us.

Then, show your appreciation on social media and learn more about how to support our military families. Click through to read about the latest work of the Military Task Force of the National Lawyers Guild and the Vet Voice Foundation.



Honoring those who died for America, even if we disagree with our leaders and some of the choices they make is simply the right thing to do.

In his last Memorial Day Address, President Obama said, “It is our responsibility, our obligation, to fill the silence [of loss] with our love and our support and our gratitude -- and not just with our words, but with our actions….

“Truly remembering means that after our fallen heroes gave everything to get their battle buddies home, we have to make sure our veterans get everything that they have earned, from good health care to a good job. And we have to do better; our work is never done. We have to be there not only when we need them, but when they need us.”

We do so not just by hoisting a flag, but by lifting up our neighbors. Not just by pausing in silence, but by practicing in our own lives the ideals of opportunity and liberty and equality that they fought for.”

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