Tiny Action: Purge Protection

Our voting rights are under threat.

In June, a Supreme Court decision allowing for states to purge voters meant that six states would be allowed to continue this practice. And last week, the Brennan Center for Justice released a new report on voter purges, which found:

  • Dramatic increase in voters purged between 2014 and 2016
  • Higher rates of purging registered voters in states with histories of racial discrimination
  • Illegal purges in 4 states in the past 5 years, and unlawful purge rules in another 4
  • Inaccurate tools used in some states to determine the voter purge lists

This is just the latest in a running list of the Republican campaign tactic of voter suppression, which take place in states across the country. The only way to fight it will be to elect leaders who will defend our voting rights.

This week’s #TinyAction: Protect yourself from the purge.

1. Double check that you are registered to vote, and that your overseas absentee ballot request has been confirmed.

After you have requested an overseas absentee ballot, use our Election Official Directory and select your voting state and region to find your Election Official. Then ask them if they have received your ballot request. Be sure to specify that you have requested an OVERSEAS absentee ballot, and not a general absentee ballot.


My name is (NAME) and I vote in (DISTRICT). I currently live in (LOCATION) but I believe I’ve already submitted my overseas absentee ballot request, and I just wanted to check to be sure that I’m properly registered and will receive my ballots throughout the year?

Most Election Officials have both phone and email contact options, and they’re very used to responding to questions like yours, which makes it an efficient way to check your voting status quickly and easily.

2. Read up on how your state compares to others.


Republican-controlled state governments are actively working to make it harder for Americans to vote, and flawed methods like too-simple name and birthdate matches, which misidentify millions as dead or having moved, result in voter roll purges. You may even have received a voter purge notification at your *voting address* back in the US, but don’t know it.

Illegal purges have occurred over the past few years in Florida, North Carolina, New York and Virginia. Just this year, at least 28 bills restricting access have been introduced in 14 states, including California, and in Wisconsin, 308,000 voters have had their registrations deactivated in this year alone, with thousands thought to have been removed in error. And recent reports confirmed that Georgia, which could elect America's first black female Governor, purged 850,000. Republicans are doubling down on this tactic - because it's worked.

Defending your right to vote is fundamental. The time to act is now.


If you are registered but haven’t sent in your overseas absentee ballot request (FPCA) this year, do it now. Your state is only required to send a ballot if you request it that calendar year, and the FPCA form protects your ballot from challenge at the federal level in case of a recount.

Not registered yet? You can also use the overseas absentee ballot request (FPCA) to register to vote.

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