Tiny Action: Your Midterm Ballot

As of Monday, all 50 states have sent midterm ballots to their overseas absentee voters. Have you received yours yet?

With ballots out, that means we’re now in the most critical phase of the 2018 elections. Over the next month, we need to work harder than ever to help every American abroad request their ballot and VOTE, and we need your help today.

Even on a chaotic day amid a chaotic week, we must remember that the most powerful action we can take is exercising our right to vote this year and every year. But if you’re as outraged over the Kavanaugh nomination as we are, you can use our script to call your Senators about this — after you’ve completed the latest Tiny Action below.

This week’s Tiny Action: Tell us where your ballot is. Then take small, easy steps to help others VOTE.

1. So that we can focus on those voters who need the most support, let us know your status by selecting one of these options:

2. Help other Americans vote by showing them that you will vote. 

Data tells us that when you tell friends you've voted, your friends are a lot more likely to vote too, so don’t be shy! After you’ve voted, tell the world.ivotedfromabroad-2018.jpg

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Then, know the facts and share them on social media, too. Show that you're an active voter, that voting from abroad IS possible, and that you know your vote will be counted. A few samples:

  • I received my ballot! Have you https://www.democratsabroad.org/requested_my_ballot_2018 
  • If you’ve never voted before, or haven’t voted in a long time, you still can. Find out more at votefromabroad.org, or ask me. I’m not a professional expert, but I’ve done it myself! 
  • Even if you vote in a deep blue or deep red district, that doesn’t mean you can skip this year’s elections! Join me and show your elected officials where you stand, by voting: votefromabroad.org
  • For overseas voters like me, each state has different deadlines to register, request and return our ballots. That’s why I already requested my ballot. I hope all of you do too: votefromabroad.org
  • All 50 states are now mailing their ballots, which means Americans overseas need to request their ballot NOW: votefromabroad.org
  • I requested my overseas ballot and it was easy. You can too! votefromabroad.org
  • FACT: If you can vote for president, you can vote this year too! Federal elections include US House and Senate races, and every House seat is on the ballot this year. I already requested my ballot: votefromabroad.org
  • FACT: My #votefromabroad will be counted this year, as it is every year I vote. I already requested my ballot at votefromabroad.org and you can too!
  • FACT: My #votefromabroad will be counted this year, as it is every year. I already requested my ballot at votefromabroad.org
  • FACT: If you turn 18 by election day, you can request your ballot now, at votefromabroad.org

Why Voter Engagement is Urgent

EVERY vote from abroad is counted, and every vote can make the difference.

Each year, Americans abroad reach out to us on Election Day, thinking they do not need to request their ballot in advance. Education is absolutely critical, and hearing that you’ve already requested your ballot - or that you’ve already voted! - will encourage others to do the same.

Meanwhile, Republican-controlled state governments are actively working to make it harder for Americans to vote. We must protect our right to vote by using it.

Control of the Senate and House could rest with our votes.
Voting rights can be secured because of our votes.
Minority and women’s rights can be defended because of our votes.
Keeping the White House in check could rest with our votes.
Democracy can be restored because of our votes.

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As always, our aim is to turn tiny actions into big results, so we hope we can continue to count on your help! Please send suggestions for our next tiny action to info at democratsabroad dot org.