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Monthly Tiny Actions, August 2017

As the weeks go by, we continue to hit low after low after low, like some sort of speed limbo contest in which we are all losers:

  • Congress narrowly avoids cutting off 21 million people from access to affordable health insurance, yet has thrown the insurance market for next year into such disarray that millions will nevertheless be negatively affected;
  • the President threatens to exclude thousands of honorable trans* service members from the military;
  • special prosecutor Robert Mueller empanels a grand jury in the investigation on Russian collusion with the Trump campaign;
  • Guamanians are seen as little more than a bargaining chip in a nuclear race to the button with North Korea;
  • but perhaps the newest low was on display at this weekend’s rally in Charlottesville, VA, where the ugly face of white supremacy in modern America, wearing polo shirts and carrying automatic rifles and tiki torches, was given a gloss of respectability by the White House itself.

Do you shudder to think where we would be if there were no Presidential golf vacation or Congressional recess?! Take action, but then take a break! We resisters too need time to recharge for the onslaught that certainly faces us come the return to Washington desks in September. We’ve kept the suggestions short and sweet this month; here just five, five-minute ideas to support our efforts that you can do from home or your hotel room:

If you've got FIVE MINUTES:

  • Join our global vigil against hate. Make a sign, take a picture with the sign, share with us on social media or reply with your picture to this email. #DAresists #Charlottesville

  • Register for this week’s DA speaker series webinar with Tom Hicks of the Election Assistance Commission. Tom will speak with us about voter rights and suppression tactics facing US voters today.

  • Send your mayor, governor, Congress, or the President a postcard on protecting America’s Dreamers under DACA, on preserving funding for the EAC and the State Department, on maintaining the standards set in the Paris Climate Agreement, or to dis/approve of their votes on Trumpcare. You’ll find our postcard scripts on these and other urgent topics here.

  • Help us out with our upcoming social media campaigns -- take a photo (or six) with our Resistance Summer issue posters (download here) and send them by email to comms@democratsabroad.org.

  • Email your U.S. Representative and ask him/her to cosponsor H.R. 2710, the Commission on Americans Living Abroad Act. This non-controversial bill would have the federal government assess how U.S. laws impact the civilian community of Americans abroad. Find our email and calling scripts here.

We thank you in advance for your time and for reaching out to those around you to amplify your own efforts. As always, forward this message to anyone you think may like to join us.

To take back Congress, we’re gearing up for a full year of GOTV in 2018 and will be launching our popular global auction fundraiser this fall to aid our efforts. Do you have something you could donate to help us reach our funding target? One of the most popular items in the past has been time in a vacation home or a guest stay in [your] exotic location. If you have any questions about the auction, send them to Owen at dag-chair@democratsabroad.org.

And if you’re still too busy this month to help out, perhaps you’d consider sending a donation our way to cover the stamp on another member’s postcard to Congress? Every little bit helps.

Monthly Tiny Actions, July 2017

The People’s Filibuster on Trumpcare began last week -- have you been a part of it? Senators spontaneously gathered on the Capitol steps for a sit-in, sharing stories of how the Republicans’ proposed Senate legislation -- written behind closed doors and vowed to be forced down America’s throat as soon as McConnell has enough votes -- will harm tens of millions of Americans, threatening countless lives to provide yet another tax break for the wealthy. Only 17% of Americans support the Senate bill, and our resistance over the past two weeks has shown results in slowing its progress. But the only way to #killthebill dead is to continue our resistance throughout the summer. There’s more to do this month than sweat in front of the fan! Here a few suggestions:


If you've got FIVE MINUTES:

  • Call your Senators to urge them to oppose Trumpcare. In addition to DA’s phone scripts, you can find call scripts updated daily from Indivisible here. Indivisible has gathered information on Trumpcare’s impact by state that you may find helpful in speaking to your Senators. Remember, Americans abroad have a unique perspective on healthcare, since many of us have experienced universal coverage in our countries of residence. Please call and share your stories with your Senators! One tip for reluctant or first-time callers: dial up outside of office hours and leave your scripted message on the office’s voicemail.

  • Help us out with our upcoming social media campaigns -- take a photo (or six) with our Resistance Summer issue posters (download here) and send them by email to takeaction@democratsabroad.org.

  • DA’s newest caucus welcomes new members: join the Hispanic Caucus today!


If you've got TEN MINUTES:

  • Recruit three friends or family members to contact their Senators about Trumpcare. On social media, share our Facebook post with links to our calling and emailing scripts and tag your three friends directly. If you’re not a Facebook user, challenge them by forwarding this email with a short, personal note.

  • Show up ten minutes early to your chapter’s July 4th event (or another event scheduled this month; drill down to your country’s events here) and write and send a Resistance Summer postcard or three to Congress on healthcare, taxation, LGBT rights, climate change, or another issue of your choosing. Bring a pen and a stamp and we’ll provide the rest!


If you've got THIRTY MINUTES:

  • Send an email (not a letter) with a personal story about how Trumpcare affects you to both your Senators. Will these policies make you a “healthcare refugee” (i.e., negatively impact your ability to move back to the US in the future)? Do you have aging parents or family who rely on Medicaid for, for example, nursing home care? Your story is important! We have a sample email and writing tips on our Contact Congress page.


If you've got A COUPLE HOURS:

  • Your experience with universal healthcare coverage will be a welcome addition to your hometown newspaper’s opinion page. Organize a Letter to the Editor party around the theme “Americans deserve better” and work together to craft letters sharing the benefits of “socialized medicine” in your country of residence. If you’ve never planned a postal party before, we’ve got some basic tips for you here.

  • Pride events are continuing throughout the summer across the globe; join your country committee in a local parade or event. Not sure what to put on your march sign? We’ve got you covered!


We thank you in advance for your time and for reaching out to those around you to amplify your own efforts. As always, forward this message to anyone you think may like to join us.

And if you’re too busy this month to help out, perhaps you’d consider sending a donation our way to cover the stamp on another member’s postcard to Congress? Every little bit helps.

Monthly Tiny Actions, June 2017

As anyone paying close attention to the Senate hearings and closed-door health care legislation drafting going on just this week can tell you, this summer is shaping up to be an important one in Washington. To keep up the pressure on Congress and the White House, Democrats Abroad joins our fellow DNC state parties in a full slate of Resistance Summer activities. Like every month, we encourage you to use the time you have to amplify our voice on issues of importance to all (overseas) Americans. Here are some suggestions for June:


If you have FIVE MINUTES:

    Call your members of Congress and explain how Residency Based Taxation (RBT) would resolve most problems currently faced by US taxpayers overseas. You can find complete information on DA's RBT campaign here; our sample script for your calls can be found here.

    Tag five American friends overseas on social media and challenge them to participate in the RBT Congressional Call Storm, too (find the Facebook event here).

    We only have one planet, so call your governor and mayor to urge them to support the Paris Climate Agreement. Find a sample calling script here.

    With ACA reform being drafted in secret, now is the time to call your senator to urge them to oppose Trumpcare. Sample calling scripts for Republican and Democratic senators can be found here.

    #PrideIsResistance – show yours and join DA's LGBT caucus today. Allies always welcome!


If you have AN HOUR:

    Attend or host an RBT Congressional Call Storm party, using the RBT Campaign in a Box found here.

    Attend or host a local Pride event poster-making party. Find inspiration for your signs on our Pinterest boards!


If you have A FEW HOURS:

    March in a local Pride parade or volunteer at a DA table at a Pride event near you. Find information on global Pride events here.


Thanks as always for your time. Feel free to share this message with anyone you would like to encourage to join you in taking action this month.

Monthly Tiny Actions, May 2017

This month, DA's newly-elected leaders from every country committee will gather in Washington, DC, to elect our international executive committee, debate charter amendments, and much more.
One tradition at our Washington meeting is to visit our members' Congressional delegations in what we call the Congressional Door Knock. This year, we've set five priorities for this effort, based on member input: 
  • strengthening overseas voting rights, especially for US children born abroad;
  • reforming FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act);
  • pushing for RBT (Residence Based Taxation);
  • maintaining and refunding the Election Assistance Commission, and advocating for local, publicly available recordkeeping on overseas voter participation; and
  • hindering the proposed State Department budget cuts (including funding for American Citizen Services, educational exchanges, USAID, etc.).

While we're on the Hill advocating for our members' shared interests, we would love to hand-deliver your personal messages as constituents directly to your Senators and Representatives.

Please send your letters and emails directly to your Congressional delegation, but also send a copy with the title DOOR KNOCK in cc: to takeaction@democratsabroad.org. We will print and hand-deliver those messages to any delegation member on our meeting schedule. 

In order to be included, your message must be received by May 13, 2017.

Don't hesitate to use our resources if you're not sure who your Representative or Senators are, you need some guidance on how to best craft a letter, or you'd like a short calling script on our door knock issues. We've got you covered!


If you've got FIVE MINUTES:
  • Check out how your U.S. representative voted on the devastating "Trumpcare 2.0" AHCA bill and call their office to either thank them for voting NO on its passage or express your strong displeasure with their YES vote. 
If you've got TEN MINUTES:
  • Call or write your Representative and Senators about any one of the five issues listed above related to the Congressional Door Knock visits. If you send a letter or email before May 13, don't forget to cc: takeaction@democratsabroad.org.

  • Join DA in a Memorial Day action to honor our wounded service members by sending a nonpartisan card of appreciation (and, if you like, any chocolate except Kinder eggs) to Jennifer Sargeant/Woody Woodard, The USO Warrior Center (BLDG 3750), Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Dr. Hitzelberger Strasse, D-66849 Landstuhl, Germany.
If you've got THIRTY MINUTES:
  • Call and write your Representative and Senators about all five issues listed above related to the Congressional Door Knock visits. If you send a letter or email before May 13, don't forget to cc: takeaction@democratsabroad.org.
If you've got A FEW HOURS:
  • Register to observe DA's Annual General Meeting in Washington, DC, from May 12-15. Remote attendance for leaders and members is made possible via WebEx; while all meetings are free, a donation is requested to cover the technical costs of providing universal access. 

Stay tuned for new actions in June, when PRIDE and taxes will be our focus. We're glad you're a part of our team!

Monthly Tiny Actions, April 2017

Here are five specific actions we've identified for the month of April. When the news cycle seems darker than ever, don't despair -- do something!


If you've got FIVE MINUTES:


If you've got TEN MINUTES:

  • Identify your members of Congress (Senators and Congressperson) and create a reference document with their contact information (email, local and DC addresses, and local and DC phone numbers); enter their numbers into your phone's contacts or Skype phone book. If you know your US ZIP(+4), [link to: https://tools.usps.com/go/ZipLookupAction_input] you can easily find their contact info here [link to: http://votesmart.org/] (enter it into the search field next to the ISPY logo). If you don't do so already, follow their social media accounts and sign up for their email newsletters.



If you've got THIRTY MINUTES:


If you've got A COUPLE HOURS:

  • Join a #DAresists #marchforscience #globalsciencemarch near you! DA chapters around the globe are organizing and supporting satellite marches [link to: https://www.marchforscience.com/satellite-marches/] to the DC March for Science this Saturday, April 22nd (Earth Day). Take your kids, take your friends, compete to make the cheekiest or nerdiest sign in support of scientific inquiry and progress generally and applying its hard-won results to better policymaking specifically. Please use the hashtags above so DA can share your demonstration photos, too!


Tweet  #DAresists  #marchforscience  #globalsciencemarch  #virtualtaxmarch

[link to https://twitter.com/hashtag/daresists, https://twitter.com/hashtag/marchforscience, https://twitter.com/hashtag/globalsciencemarch, https://twitter.com/hashtag/virtualtaxmarch]