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  • DA Austria's Annual General Meeting 2023


    Please join us for DA Austria's Annual General Meeting - either in-person or online! This is quite an important AGM as we will hold elections for our new Executive Committee that will lead us for the next two years. 

    Consider joining our Executive Committee for 2023-24! We need your drive and talents, your activism, and your desire to preserve democracy to help us to WIN BIG in 2024. Please contact me at [email protected] or members of our Nominations and Elections Committee at [email protected] if you care to discuss running for an elected position.

    At the AGM, we will also seek your approval for some necessary changes to our By-Laws, as well as review our actions in 2022 and some of our plans for 2023. We'll bring some wine and snacks to enjoy post-meeting, and then we will arrange to go out for dinner afterward at a nearby restaurant. Details to follow for those who RSVP.

    We have a quorum requirement to make the meeting valid. Please help us meet these challenges by joining us! Any American 18 or older by the next federal election and residing in Austria may join the meeting, become a member and vote on meeting business. 

    Your participation, activism, and donations have made Democrats Abroad Austria a strong and vital organization for more than 18 years. Thanks in advance for supporting DA Austria by joining our AGM and helping to set our direction for the coming two years.

    -DA Executive Committee

    March 19, 2023 at 2:00pm
    SPÖ Neubau
    Lindengasse 64
    Vienna 1070
    Google map and directions
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    Just made a donation to Democrats Abroad! One buck goes a long way with this all-volunteer group — I love supporting their work! https://www.democratsabroad.org/donate_at?recruiter_id=167436

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  • All Women Deserve Equal Rights — Especially Single Mothers

    Why is the ERA important to me? Well, in America, nearly 60% of poor children are living in single-mother families. I‘m married ,and my children have never experienced poverty. But I can‘t say that for too many kids in America. I‘ve lived in western Europe for nearly 3 decades, and other countries take steps to keep most children out of poverty. America does not, and one reason has to do with the gender pay gap. When the Equal Pay Act was passed during the Kennedy Administration, women earned 59 cents for every dollar earned by men. The gender gap has persisted — it’s nearly 60 years later, and women now earn 75 cents for every dollar earned by men, and lower if the woman is non-white. Many of these women are mothers, and this pay gap contributes to impoverishing their children. An Equal Rights Amendment will give working mothers the legal recourse to end this practice. Rights eclipse legislation, because while politicians can change laws with a majority vote, they cannot change rights. Passing the ERA won‘t change practices overnight, but women can begin the process of establishing symmetry in the workforce. It‘s important to me to end child poverty, and giving working mothers the legal standing to demand fair wages is one tool to fix that. Tanya Lolonis Residing in Austria, voting in California

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Came to Europe to study, met a charming Austrian economist: American in Europe since 1989. Georgetown U and JHU SAIS.