From March 1-8, 2016, Democrats around the globe participated in the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary. Democrats Abroad saw record turnout in the race, which was primarily between Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In the end, 34,570 ballots were cast. Senator Sanders won a convincing victory with 68.79% of the vote.  Secretary Clinton finished second with 30.92%, whereas Governor Martin O’Malley, Rocky De La Fuente and the uncommitted presidential preference group each received less than 1% of the ballots cast.

Democrats Abroad Japan (DAJ) operated and staffed three voting centers throughout the country: Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. The Osaka voting center was managed by Kansai Chapter Chair Craig Sweet; Nagoya by DAJ member Darrell Harris, and Tokyo by DAJ Chair Tom Schmid, Vice Chair Leslie Anne Rogers, and Secretary Jenise Treuting.


2016 GPP Results (Japan)

Bernie Sanders                   86.87%

Hillary Clinton                    12.98%

Uncommitted                     0.15%

Martin O’Malley                0.00%

Rocky De La Fuente          0.00%


Japan led the voting in the Asia-Pacific region with a total of 1,356 valid ballots cast.  As a result, Japan boasts roughly 27% of the voting strength, also the highest in the region, in the upcoming Asia-Pacific Regional Caucus.

Overall, Democrats Abroad is expected to send 13 pledged delegates to the Convention for Sanders and four pledged delegates for Clinton.  Pledged delegate allocations are based on the results of the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary.  Each of Democrats Abroad’s eight superdelegates will have half a vote at the Democratic National Convention.