Co-Caucusing on Issues with the LGBTQ, Hispanic and Black Caucuses

Our advocacy is robust and we are co-caucusing with the LGBTQ Caucus on the joint effort to overturn Trump’s Military Transgender Ban.  Please consider taking a moment to contact your U.S. Senators to urge them to SUPPORT S. 373, a bill to revoke the ban, and also the amendment in the FY2020 National Defense Authorization Act to consider applicants based on gender-neutral occupational standards and military occupational specialty, but may not include any criteria relating to the race, color, national origin, religion, or sex (including gender identity or sexual orientation) of an individual.  
We are working closely with the Hispanic Caucus actions against the use of military funding to build the wall and to support a bipartisan bill to demand better representation of Hispanic Americans in the senior ranks of the U.S. military. Check out this podcast here on Podomatic.  And here is another recent podcast on Veteran deportation co-hosted with the Hispanic Caucus.  
With the DA Black Caucus, we are working on a Veteran's Day webinar about WWII restoration of justice when Black GIs were denied rights guaranteed by the GI Bill (equal housing and education opportunities).