2020 Democrats Abroad Sweden Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting: February 8, 13:00 in Gothenburg

On February 8 we will be holding our Democrats Abroad Sweden Annual General Meeting at 13:00 in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

WHEN: Saturday, February 8, 2020, 13:00 - 18:00
WHERE: Mötesplats Göteborg, Södra Allégatan 1B, 413 01 Gothenburg

It's an election year, so this year's meeting is especially important.

We're going to do our part here in Sweden to beat Trump and take back the Senate in 2020. 

To launch us into the election season, we're making our annual meeting a whole afternoon with volunteer trainings and workshops.

We'll also be concluding a special election to fill a vacant spot on our Executive Committee, and there is a bylaws amendment proposed that will be voted on. 

After the meeting, we'll have dinner together at a nearby restaurant.

We'll have the space all day, so early arrivals are welcome to come during the morning already to meet and socialize. 

Note: To attend the optional dinner, you must RSVP by February 3. To RSVP click here. Details below.

Day's Schedule

10:00 - 13:00   
Doors open for early arrivals, coffee/fika/socialize (lunch not provided)

13:00 - 13:30   
Doors open for all, coffee/fika

13:30 - 13:50   
Welcome & Introductions

13:50 - 14:30 
Democrats Abroad Sweden 2020 Annual General Meeting (Agenda below)

14:30 - 15:15
Workshop Intro/Breakouts #1

15:15 - 15:30 

15:30 - 16:30
Voter Registration Training

16:30 - 16:45  

16:45 - 17:00   
Presentation: The Year Ahead for Democrats Abroad Sweden

17:00 - 17:40  
Workshop Breakouts #2

17:40 - 17:50  
How to be a DA Delegate Candidate

17:50 - 18:00  
Wrap-Up & Ending

19:00 - 22:00   
Dinner (optional, dinner RSVP required by Feb 3 - click here for RSVP and see below for details)

2020 Annual General Meeting Agenda

1. Call to order; roll-call and quorum determination

2. Approval of the agenda;

3. Reading and approval of 2019 AGM minutes;

4. Chair's Report (incl. Chapter Reports);

5. Treasurer's Report and approval vote;

6. Discharge Executive Committee from liability vote;

7. Bylaws Amendment Proposal and vote;

8. Results of Special Election for Member-At-Large position;

9. Closing remarks and end of meeting.

Logistical Information

Meeting location 
Mötesplats Göteborg
Södra Allégatan 1B
413 01 Gothenburg

Attendance Remotely via WebEx
For members unable to attend the meeting in person, we will provide the option to attend remotely from wherever you are in Sweden via WebEx, an online meeting platform. To attend via WebEx, email dase-vicechair@democratsabroad.org by February 6. 

It is also possible to assign someone to hold a proxy for you. To request a proxy form, contact dase-secretary@democratsabroad.org by February 7. 

Dinner location
Restaurang Solrosen
Kaponjärgatan 4A (ca. two blocks from meeting location)

Self-paid. Non-member guests welcome.

Dinner RSVP required by February 3. To RSVP click here.  

There are a number of affordable options nearby, such as Vandrarhemmet Linne, Göteborgs Mini-Hotel, or STF Göteborg City Hotell. The Western Sweden chapter will also be providing a very limited number of rooms with local volunteers. For information on homestays, contact Kimball MacKay: kimballmackay1@gmail.com 

Special Election Notice: Member-At-Large

At the Annual General Meeting on Feb 8, we will also conclude a Special Election to fill an Executive Committee Member-At-Large vacancy.

Description of the role: Members-At-Large have a vote representing DA Sweden at global Democrats Abroad meetings. They also take the lead on various projects and tasks, depending on what is needed and their skill set.

The nominating committee for the Special Election consists of the following: 

  • Alexander Arcelay (Chair)
  • Beth Landry
  • Diane Larsson 
  • Deedee Gierow

Notice of Candidates (Feb 9, 2020):

The following members are nominated for the role:

  • Bill Borden 
  • Clara Popenoe Thor
  • Kathy (Katrin) Betzholtz

See below for the candidates' statements and biographies. Voting will take place via electronic ballot in the two weeks preceding the annual general meeting. 

Member-At-Large Candidate Statements and Biographies


Bill Borden

I would welcome serving DAS as a member-at-large, thus contributing more to elect a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress. Currently, I serve as a member of the Stockholm chapter steering committee.


We desperately need a decent, democratic president who will uphold the Constitution and a Congress that legislates for the welfare of ordinary Americans. I want to work more effectively towards preventing the further erosion of American democracy

Democrats Abroad is rightly focused on winning elections. However, as a Swedish delegate at international conferences, I would campaign and organize for the specific needs of Americans abroad such as residence based taxation. Thus, expats would no longer need to declare income to Uncle Sam. I also believe that the US government should eliminate requiring expats to disclose financial holdings including bank accounts, stock holdings and mutual funds. We should not be treated as money launderers by the US government.

I would welcome using my skills to benefit the executive committee based on my previous contributions such as serving as chair of Democrats Abroad Sweden from 2007 to 2009. See below.


I grew up in a diverse neighborhood in Chicago. So, I naturally became friends with children of different races, religions, and cultures, thus gaining insights and understanding of life styles different than my own. I taught political science, English and journalism at universities in both the United States and Sweden. Through my company, American Insights, I offer insights into American life. I also promote businesses and organizations by writing websites and translating from Swedish to English.

As DAS chair with the enthusiastic support of our team, I led the activation of a dormant DAS that resulted in increasing membership (from about 200 to 1200 members), started new local chapters while reactivating others, gained considerable media attention for DAS, successfully networked with other DA European based Democrats, and recruited several outstanding Americans to our executive team. Thus, we successfully contributed towards the election of President Obama and other Democrats in 2008.

I would very much welcome your support.

Bill Borden
Ohio voter
Stockholm resident


Clara Popenoe Thor

My name is Clara Popenoe Thor and I'm running for the position as Member-at-Large for DA Sweden.

About me
Born and raised in Stockholm, in a half-swedish, half-american household, politics have been ever-present in my life. I've been involved in student government, and an active member of the Swedish Young Greens for the past 3 or so years, as well as in DA. I'm editor-in-chief of the Swedish Young Greens paper and do some work as a freelance writer.

I'm soon finished studying political science at Lund University, and will be studying linguistics this spring. I've spent 6 weeks or so on the east coast of the US every summer of my life, and speak fluent Swedish and English. I've also studied French and Mandarin Chinese.

Motivation statement
Although American politics haven't always felt relevant, they have affected me, and I have, to my best efforts, affected them. I have focused my work in DA on finding people like me, who have never lived in America, and registering them to vote. Since moving to Skåne I have had some contact with DA Denmark, and intend to get more involved in Lund/Malmö.

Through my involvement in Swedish politics, I've had the privilege of seeing the fruits of my (and many others') labor. This is definitely easier in a small country with fewer members in political parties, but this experience makes me keen for a new challenge.

Despite not having lived there, I am a modern American. Growing up together with the anti-gun movement in one country, and the climate movement in another, I have faith in my generation and my future. I am that future.

Thank you for your work and for (excuse the Swenglish) orkaing what others don't, when everybody should. Look forward to hearing from you!

Clara Popenoe Thor
New Jersey voter
Lund resident


Kathy (Katrin) Betzholtz

Santa Barbara, Ca; Nov 8, 2016 around 7pm Pacific Standard Time

Anders: I think Trump is going to win.

Kathy: There is no f***ing way that is going to happen. People are not that stupid! If Trump wins we are moving to Sweden!

Kalmar, Sweden; Jan 7, 2020

Well here we are. The logistics of an international move is time-consuming, as most expats know. Now to be completely honest, we had always intended to move to Sweden so my husband could spend more time with his family, but the election was the impetus for the move at this particular time. My name is Kathy Betzholtz (AKA Katrin) and I am a proud U.S citizen. I take my privilege and responsibility of voting very seriously, never missing a vote in 39 years. I look forward to engaging and encouraging more expats to get involved in DA Sweden, both at the local and national level. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we exercise our civic rights and make sure that we preserve our constitution and democracy.

I do not have a PhD, nor have I worked for the U.N. or any other international organizations. However, I started and ran my own business for 25 years. It involved working with the DMV so you know that I am resilient! I also helped at my kids’ PTA and that qualifies me for sainthood. Their politics make our national politics seem like child’s play.

All jokes aside, the DA has a very important role to play, as do all of us expats, and I would be honored to work as your Executive Committee Member-At-Large for the DA Sweden,

Kathy (Katrin) Betzholtz
California voter
Kalmar resident

Notice of Bylaws Amendment Proposal

In accordance with the bylaws, notice is hereby given that the following bylaws amendment, as proposed by Beth Landry, will be voted on at the Democrats Abroad Sweden Annual General Meeting on February 8, 2020. 

Notice of Bylaws Amendment Proposal and Proposed Amendment (click for PDF)


February 08, 2020 at 1pm - 6pm Stockholm Time
Mötesplatsen - Göteborgs FöreningsCenter
Södra Allégatan 1B
Göteborg 41301
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