Progressives Abroad Online Meetup Happy Hour!

Hello Democrats Abroad Sweden progressives! In this springtime of social distancing and self-quarantine discontent we can’t meet in person, so we’ll meet up virtually via Zoommmmm.

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*Meanwhile—more than 26,000 dead in the USA, more than 1000 dead here in sunny Sweden—the dire coronavirus crisis piles right on top of the already dire crisis of American democracy. And, if anyone needed more drama: the incompetence, venality, political gamesmanship and criminal negligence of Trump and Republican Party and corporate cronies is directly massively contributing to the rising death count.
*That’s grim.
*But we are working to change that. And, even with the defeat of Sanders and Warren, there are glimmers of hope. New figures have emerged: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Katie Porter, Stacy Abrams, many others. Bernie and Elizabeth, and the progressive movement, have pushed Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. Even with a very tilted playing field, against a corrupt Republican legislature and Supreme Court, in Wisconsin voters came out to stand in long lines—putting themselves at risk of deadly infection—to exercise their right to vote. And, in a crucial swing state, replaced a far right incumbent State Supreme Court Justice with a progressive! Glimmers of hope for November!
*We have a lot to discuss: politics, plague, the work ahead of us, just catching up. So join us—with or without beverage in hand!

April 29, 2020 at 5:30pm - 7pm Stockholm Time
Zoom Meeting
Stockholm 11344
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Alexander Lange