Potluck Dinner & Get Together in Hamilton, Ontario

Democrats Abroad Hamilton-Burlington-Niagara

Potluck Dinner & Get Together

Please come and join our Dems Abroad potluck dinner on Thursday evening, January 17, at the home of David Mivasair and Lil Blume in Hamilton.

On Thanksgiving, 20 of us got together and thoroughly enjoyed talking, connecting, sharing feelings and thoughts about being Americans in Canada at this time – as well as a fabulous meal.

We decided it would be great to get together again!  We’re hoping to get to know others in our Dems Abroad Chapter.  We feel it is helpful on a personal level to connect with other Americans who care deeply about what is happening in the United States.  And, we think that meeting and talking on a personal level enables us to be more effective with whatever we take on politically through Democrats Abroad.

Chapter Chair Ken Sherman will give us a brief update on our chapter and activities to help everyone understand better how we function and what we're planning in the coming months.

January 17 will be two weeks after the new Congress begins.  If we have time, we can also share ideas about what we might be able to do together over the coming year to help move things in a better direction in the States.

The invitation is for 6 pm, although we won’t start until a bit later when everyone arrives. The location is at 14 Alexander Street, right off of Locke Street South near Charlton.  The house is not 100% accessible in that there’s one step up from the sidewalk to the front door.

If you'd like to join us, please RSVP below. We can comfortably accommodate about 20, so we’ll limit the RSVP’s to about that number.  I’ll do my best to manage who is bringing what so that we have a nice variety of dishes for everyone.  I will be happy to answer any questions via email: david@mivasair.com or phone: 1 (604) 781-7839.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

David Mivasair

Member, Democrats Abroad Canada - Hamilton-Burlington-Niagara Chapter
Communications Officer, Democrats Abroad Canada

January 17, 2019 at 6pm - 9pm
David Mivasair · · +1 604 781 7839
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