🗳️ Steering Committee Elections 🗳️

UPDATED: The nominations period for this election has closed. • Read the Candidate Statements, here. • RSVP for the Election and Meeting on March 13, here.

Are you interested in getting involved in social and civic engagement for young Americans in France?

Young Democrats in France—the youth caucus of Democrats Abroad France—invites Americans between the ages of 18 and 35 who live in France to submit candidacies for our upcoming leadership elections on Saturday, March 13th! The Youth Caucus creates opportunities for young Americans in France to meet, engage in conversation, and take positive political action. Too often young people don't get involved—in voting, or in leadership in the local Democratic Party—simply because they aren't asked.

Eight positions of the Youth Caucus Steering Committee are up for election:

Co-chairs (2). The co-chairs are responsible for organizing Young Democrats in France steering committee meetings. Additionally, they represent the Youth Caucus on the Democrats Abroad France Executive Committee. In practice, the co-chairs are there to ensure the caucus is carrying out its mission, providing support and direction to the working groups. They also collaborate with other caucuses and local chapters on joint activities.

Events officers (2). The events officers organize social events, such as monthly "politics and pints" events, quiz nights, debate-watch parties, invited speakers, book clubs, etc. They also work with the Global Youth Caucus to suggest guest speakers and plan online social events with young Democrats across the globe. 

Political engagement officers (2). Political engagement with Young Democrats in France takes many forms, from phonebanking for Democratic candidates to issue advocacy and even taking to the streets in solidarity with social movements. Our main focus is on voter registration and support for young Americans living in France. In the spring of 2020, we brought the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary to campuses with pop-up voting centers, and in the fall, we helped hundreds of young Americans navigate the process of voting from abroad!

Communications officers (2). The communications officers are tasked with activating perhaps the highest-potential voting bloc—an estimated 95% of eligible US voters living in France did NOT vote in the 2018 midterms. As voters, young people face disproportionate barriers, and young Americans living in France have even greater potential to increase their participation rate. To engage young Americans in the electoral process, we must first reach them. The communications officers will amplify the voices of young Americans in Democrats Abroad France, create content informing young Americans living in France of their rights, the policy stakes of US elections, and manage and grow our online communities. They help shape our national digital strategy, from messaging to ad placement.

The composition of the steering committee may change as the elected members see fit. The term for steering committee members lasts 2 years. We know it can be hard to project that far into the future: members who leave the Steering Committee before the end of their term can be replaced by the co-chairs, therefore we encourage motivated people in all regions of France to apply.

If you are interested in running for a slot on the committee, please send us a paragraph-long statement not exceeding 200 words to [email protected] by Sunday, February 28.

You must be a US citizen between 18 and 35 years of age, and a member of Democrats Abroad France. (To join Democrats Abroad France, sign up here.)

Early voting will take place online from March 1 to March 13. An election event will take place online on Sat. March 13 at 4 pm (Paris time) where candidates will be invited to give speeches and meet one another

Thanks for considering getting involved!