Turning the Question Around

Well-meaning people sometimes wonder why an ERA is still needed in this world where our Vice-President is a woman, women are CEOs and the US Women's Soccer Team is the best in the world... but it's needed exactly because of well-meaning people - who never intend to discriminate. In today's world, most (but unfortunately not all) discrimination or forms of violence go unrecognized because they're interwoven into notions of "that's the way things are". The ERA is needed because it would turn the question around. As an article published by NOW states: "[it] would ....shift the burden of proof to the party accused of discrimination. Without a constitutional amendment clarifying women’s legal standing, women will continue to have to wage extended, costly and challenging political and legal battles for equal rights." https://now.org/resource/is-the-equal-rights-amendment-relevant-in-the-21st-century/ Gail Fagen, Italy, Iowa Voter


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