Congressional Call Storm

Call your state's two senators this week to ask them to oppose the confirmation of Rex Tillerson.

First Step: Find your senators' phone numbers 

Click here to find your senators' numbers:

Second Step: Review the call notes and make your calls

1. Introduce yourself, ask for the name of the person who handles cabinet nominations, and share where you're from. ("Hi, this is Joe X. I vote in Y, Z but am calling from city, country. Can I speak to the person in your office who handles cabinet nominations?")

State the reason you are calling and the specific action you want your senator to take — ("I oppose Rex Tillerson’s nomination for Secretary of State and am calling to ask him/her to vote against his confirmation.")

Here are some talking points from the DNC to review:

  • Rex Tillerson has no experience in international diplomacy, but he is said to have one of the closest relationships with Putin of any U.S. citizen. He has worked for a U.S.-Russian oil company, lobbied against imposing sanctions on Russia after they invaded the Ukraine, and received the Russian "Order of Friendship" in 2013.
  • Tillerson ended his career at Exxon as CEO with more than 2.6 million shares in the company. During his tenure there, Exxon did not hesitate to act outside or even contrary to America's foreign policy interests. His record doesn't show that he's been willing to make decisions that benefit the American people over his own bottom line.
  • There is bipartisan hesitance to Tillerson's nomination. In addition to Democratic leaders who stand against his confirmation, Republican senators including John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and Chuck Grassley have been critical of Tillerson's suspicious ties with Russia.

Third Step: Report your calls on your Twitter or Facebook page

Did it go well? Or are your senators supporting Tillerson's confirmation. Let the world know and encourage others to call too. 

Other Helpful Notes
Check out the schedule for upcoming senate commitee hearings: