Congressional Contacting

Tips for Calling Congress


Demand Sessions Resign!

Call your senators and demand that they request that Attorney General Jeff Sessions resign due to his perjury on the Senate floor. 

Find your senator's contact information here, and call today.


Call Congress and demand an investigation into the connections between Trump and Russia

Call your senators and ask that they push Congress to investigate the connections between Donald Trump and Russia. 

Find your senator's contact information here, and call today.


WASHINGTON – The DNC national press secretary Adrienne Watson issued the following statement on the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn:

“Michael Flynn is gone, but the problem is not.

“We still have serious unanswered questions about the connections of Donald Trump, his White House and his campaign to Russia.

“The evidence suggests that General Flynn worked to undermine the sanctions imposed on Russia for interfering in the election to help Donald Trump.  Was this a reward for Russia’s help?  Who else in the White House besides the White House Counsel was aware of this activity?  What did President Trump know and when did he know it?

“Additionally, it’s been reported that General Flynn was in communication with the Russians during the campaign.  What did they talk about?  Who else was in communication with the Kremlin on the Trump team?

"We urgently need Republicans to join with Democrats to support an independent, bi-partisan 9/11 Commission-style investigation to determine both what happened and what we need to do now to make sure it never happens again. Only once we have answers can we move on. Until then, there is a dark cloud hanging over our country."

Does your Representative support the EPA - or HR 861? Call today. 

Call your representative today to find out where they stand on bill H.R. 861, "To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency". 

Find your representative's contact information and call today. 

Call the Homeland Security committee about Bannon's Appointment

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is taking calls about Steve Bannon's appointment to the NSC. Call and register your protest at +1202-224-4751.  

Send a Message to Congress

Write a letter or two to Congress. 

We've gathered tips for writing Congress here. And here's an easy look up for your senators' addressess, and your representative's address as well. 

Here are a few sample letters we've created for letter writing parties. Let us know if you're interested in hosting a letter writing party too - we'd love to hear from you and will be updating scripts regularly.     

Vote from Abroad? Register to vote each year.

Take the time to register to vote. Start by going to
Remember you need to print and mail in your registration form to the US. 


Keep track of the Senate committee hearing schedule and the Senate Floor Schedule.