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Democrats Abroad is the official Democratic Party arm for the millions of Americans living outside the United States. We strive to provide Americans abroad a Democratic voice in our government and elect Democratic candidates by mobilizing the overseas vote.

Democrats Abroad has 42 country committees throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. These country committees keep Americans abroad informed of their rights and help them participate in the U.S. political process. Our members live in more than 190 countries around the globe and vote in every state and Congressional district in the U.S.

Democrats Abroad is recognized as a "state" Party by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and is represented on the DNC by eight voting members, as well as at the quadrennial Democratic National Convention.

Our online voter registration tool - votefromabroad.org - makes it easy to request a ballot and vote absentee from any place on the planet.

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Interested in good opportunities to make your voice heard? Visit our Call Congress page for frequently updated actions. Or check out our country pages in the top navigation and find an event near you. Contact us through our online chat if you have questions! And if you haven't yet, join Democrats Abroad today. We are all stronger together. 

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    Democrats Abroad Submits Recommendations to the Senate Finance Committee on Tax Reform

    On 17 July Democrats Abroad made a submission to the Senate Finance Committee on tax reform in response to an invitation from SFC Chairman Senator Orrin Hatch. Our submission is attached here. These are key comments in summary: Democrats Abroad joins the rest of the Americans abroad community in our strong support for:  Reforms to the tax system that help reduce inequality, boost opportunity and raise revenue to meet public demands primarily from those with the greatest ability to pay;  Residency Based Taxation, as a replacement for the current U.S. system of Citizenship Based Taxation; Safeguards in the Residency Based Taxation system to ensure that offshore residency is not abused by those seeking primarily to protect their earnings from U.S. taxation, therefore causing an unfair and odious erosion of the U.S. tax base; Relief from foreign financial account reporting for the ordinary accounts of Americans abroad in our countries of residence that we use to pay our bills and save for the future;  Reforms to a litany of tax code provisions that inadvertently discriminate against Americans living abroad that, even under a system of Residency Based Taxation, will continue to burden those who choose to carry on reporting their offshore income from abroad; and Simplified and improved tax filing for Americans abroad, which would address the hardship of Americans abroad filing even following the implementation of Residency Based Taxation for those who elect to continue to file. Please contact Taxation Task Force Chair Carmelan Polce (cpolce@tpg.com.au) at any time with questions.
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    Paris Rallies Against Trump's Policies During His Visit

    On July 13 and 14, at the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump traveled to Paris to observe Bastille Day festivities. Democrats Abroad France responded to Trump’s visit with a rally supporting Democratic issues.  DAF was joined in this action by its partners, Indivisibles-France and PAGE-Paris 
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  • From the Calendar

    Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 03:00 PM
    Systrarnas Loppis & Café in Uddevalla, Sweden

    Flea Market & Café on a Member’s Farm near Uddevalla

    We have a special invitation to member Jeff Cabot's farm near Uddevalla where his daughters Emily and Alexandra run a very popular weekend loppis (flea market) plus café in the barn.

    * Feel free to bring a picnic if you’d like a meal before tasting the café's wonderful bakery goods!
    * Feel free to bring things to donate to the fleamarket. Those who do so may get free fika!
    We’ll have postcards, addresses, and stamps available as well as information about Residence Based Taxation and other issues you might want to write to Congress about!

    Driving Directions: From Torp Köpcentrum (on the E6), take route 161 about 2.3 km towards Utby, Lanesund, and Lysekil. Turn left at Tåbergsvägen and follow the signs.

    * We may rent a van and we'll be happy in any case to help coordinate rides. However, there is a direct bus (kontoladdning 119:-)!

    Bus Directions: Double-check with Västtrafik, but bus 841 towards Lysekil via Ljungskile is scheduled to leave Göteborg on Sunday at 14:21. Get off at Utby stop at about 15:36, take the tunnel under the road and continue south about 800 meters to the red barn.
    A return bus is scheduled to leave Utby at 18:25 and arrive Göteborg at 19:43. A later bus leaves 20:25 and arrives 21:40.

    Here’s a map and other info.

    Please RSVP (even tentatively) ASAP to Carry Cooper


    About Systrarnas Loppis och Café
    Sisters' Fleamarket and Café is a summer activity in a rural setting, just outside Uddevalla. You can walk in the garden and find things in various fleamarket sheds or just sit back and have a snack and enjoy the farm animals.

    The Sisters
    Emily and Alexandra Cabot started Sisters' Fleamarket and Café in the summer of 2011 when they wanted to create their own summer job, and it has just grown since then. You may meet the whole Cabot family: mother Yvonne, father Jeff, and big sister Caroline, all of whom sometimes help with the fleamarket; and sometimes grandmother and grandfather too, who like to see what their grandchildren are up to.

    The café is run by Alexandra who did pastry training at Agnebergsgymnasiet (high school) in Uddevalla and makes wonderful pastries.
    Emily handles the fleamarket which is constantly being replenished with new finds.

    The Farm
    Sisters’ Fleamarket and Café is on the farm where the sisters grew up. The main location is the large barn, where you can find both old and new things as well as the café. Weather permiting, you're welcome to take your food and drink out in the yard. The fleamarket also consists of many other farm sheds which are refilled with goods throughout the summer.

    The family has always had a great interest in animals. Among others, you can meet rabbits, sheep, lambs, the pot-bellied pig Ingemar and Democratic donkey Ior, all of whom will watch you as you walk around the fleamarket.


    Come join us in Uddevalla (and bring your friends)!

    If there's anything further we can do to help you express your political concerns, please let us know!

    #DAresists #ResistanceSummer

    Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 11:00 AM
    Forestry Farm Park in Saskatoon, SK, Canada

    DAC Saskatchewan Family Picnic!

    Come join us for a family picnic. Meet other members of Democrats Abroad living in Saskatchewan. Bring your family and friends and a picnic lunch.