Democrats Abroad China (DACN or DA China for short) is the country committee serving U.S. Democrats living in China. We help Americans abroad participate in U.S. domestic politics by providing voter registration support, voting resources, and activism opportunities. Member activities include conversations with leading activists and elected officials, social events and parties, and more.

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    Celebrating Foy's Victory in Our Sister District

    Congratulations to all the amazing, newly-elected candidates from across the country. There are so many reasons to celebrate the election results from November 7, including seeing a victory for Jennifer Carroll Foy (Virginia House of Delegates, 2nd District) who Democrats Abroad China supported through the Sister District Project. Foy also gave birth to premature twins, who only came home from the hospital days before the election - talk about a super woman!

    "When you try to spread racism and xenophobia and sexism and misogyny, this is how we respond! We sent a huge message. Trump has heard us, and he has heard us loud and clear!"
     - Jennifer Carroll Foy, Virginia House of Delegates member-elect for the 2nd District.

    Democrats are also celebrating these victories:

    • Virginia and New Jersey governor
    • Virginia and New Jersey lieutenant governor
    • Virginia attorney general
    • Control of Washington state senate
    • Expanded Medicaid coverage in Maine
    • Virginia house seat for Danica Roem, the state's first openly trans legislator
    • Minneapolis city council seat for Andrea Jenkins, the first openly trans woman of color to serve
    • Virginia house seat for Chris Hurst, who ran on a platform of gun control following his girlfriend's on-air murder
    • Philadelphia district attorney seat for Larry Krasner, a civil rights lawyer who sued the city's police department
    • Georgia's 117th & 119th districts *FLIPPED*
    • Mayor of Charlotte, NC, the first African-American female to serve
    • Mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire, the first female to serve
    • Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey, the first Sikh American to serve
    • Mayors in Boston and NYC *HELD*
    • Untold city council, school board, parks board, etc. races across the entire country, inspired to stand up and do something by the 2016 election.

    Thank you to all the Democrats Abroad China voters and volunteers who made this happen! We couldn't have done it without you! 

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    October 2017 Happenings Around China

    Here's your roundup of Democrats Abroad events and happenings from October 2017 around China.

    Voter Outreach Training (October 21 at Yale Center Beijing) - Rich Welch, Eileen Walsh, Brad Janzen, Tait Kaplan, Gaio Doria, Elizabeth Jenkins, Emily Johnson


    • Democrats Abroad China Book Club - Emily Johnson is leading our book club for Democrats Abroad China members. While she is based in Beijing, virtual participation is encouraged. For our inaugural book, we voted to read What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton. DA China members are invited to join us on GoodReads.

    • WeChat Groups for Kunming and Pearl River Delta Members - Recently we have had new members join from Kunming and the Pearl River Delta. Yay, Spring City and PRD! They are anxious to connect with other members and start a regular meetup. If you want to join, please contact us:


    House Party (October 5 in BEIJING) - DA China members in Beijing gathered for some political discussion. After a quick message to members on WeChat, James hosted this impromptu House Party to talk about recent events and to start planning for expat voter registration and ballot requests.

    Member Meetup (October 7 in SHANGHAI) - Democrats Abroad members in Shanghai gathered to welcome new volunteers and brainstorm ideas for member registration and 2018 GOTV efforts. We had a full house and lots of great discussion about what DA members can do to make a real difference.

    Voter Outreach Training: Saturday (October 21) - Participants gathered in Beijing and joined online to learn more about how to help mobilize Democratic voters at home, in China, and all over the world. As Democrats Abroad members, we have an awesome responsibility to help our fellow Americans abroad register to vote, including help with requesting and returning their ballots -- all within the deadlines and specifications of their voting state! 

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