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In the current political climate, it's easy to forget that Democratic candidates made gains in the House, the Senate, and won the popular vote for President by nearly 3 million votes. There is no electoral mandate for the attack now underway on our civil liberties, our public institutions and lands, our federal agencies and regulations, or our fellow citizens and residents based upon their country of origin, their faith, their sexual orientation, or any other personal identifier. We are standing together against these threats and preparing for the midterm elections -- won't you join us?
Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG) is the official arm of the Democratic Party for U.S. citizens living in Germany. DAG has 10 chapters across the country (to find the chapter nearest you, please click on “Chapters” above), as well as precinct groups in medium-sized cities which cooperate with our larger chapters. We are united in our support of environmental protections, policy grounded in scientific inquiry, women's rights, LGBTQ equality, fundamental reform of our criminal justice, immigration, and education systems, universal access to health care, child care, and maternity leave, among other issues. Given that many of us have benefited from exactly such fundamental policies in our country of residence, Democrats Abroad leads progressive policy proposals within our party, backed up by our lived experiences.
If you feel that the time for complacency has passed, you are in good company! Our country committee is one of DA’s largest, and our leaders work hard to represent and connect DAG's diverse and active members. At our monthly meetings, you can connect with other like-minded Americans in your area to discuss political developments at home as well as plan our response here, be it calling or mailing campaigns to our representatives or protests and demonstrations in our communities abroad. DAG also plans numerous annual events of interest to Americans abroad -- from an Oktoberfest extravaganza in Munich, to a Young Dems Thanksgiving pumpkin pie mingler and fundraiser in Berlin, from the Labor Day picnic in Kaiserslautern, to Fourth of July picnics in every chapter, from CSD and Pride representation at June events across Germany, to the monthly First Friday political discussion in Heidelberg – and much, much more. Our members receive regular invitations to our events by email. If you're not yet a member, join in just two minutes under the Join tab above.
Democrats Abroad supports every American abroad in registering to vote and casting their ballots from overseas. These get out the vote (GOTV) efforts are the heart of our political activity, and we rely on volunteers to ensure our members and friends are enfranchised every election, every year. Our absentee votes have been decisive in numerous elections across the US! Together with other DA country committees from around the globe, we're making the specific issues faced by overseas Americans known on Capitol Hill. There are many ways for us to make our voices heard, even an ocean away -- please share your questions and your enthusiasm for politics with us! Register with your local chapter today to receive notification of the next DAG activities in your area.
We look forward to meeting you!

DA Germany Leadership:

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    Become a DAG Sustaining Member

    DAG is a self-sustaining, 100% volunteer organization. With 2018 quickly approaching, we would be appreciative of all the financial support we could receive. In 2016, we calculated that each Euro spent resulted in 3 new members/voters and for next year's midterms, every vote will be necessary. If you are interested in making a donation, either one time, monthly, or quarterly, please find our bank information below. To make it a recurring donation, you can do a Dauerauftrag. Any amount is gladly accepted. Thanks for your support. #Resist

    Account name:

    Democrats Abroad Germany

    IBAN: DE04 5405 0220 0140 2702 99


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    Upcoming Events in Germany September thru November

    We hope that your summer has been enjoyable, whether you spent it entirely in Germany or visiting with friends and family around the world. Many of our chapters and members have been hard at work continuing to seek opportunities to defend our values and further causes most important to us. As the summer fades and fall sets in, join in with your local chapter activities or one of the larger events below over the coming months!

    September Events:

    Hamburg Labor Day Picnic - Sunday, September 03, 2017, 1:30pm - 4:30pm

    We will be getting together on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. This will be a potluck, so bring along one of your specialties (American, German or otherwise) and join us to celebrate the US holiday in Hamburg's Stadtpark.

    Frankfurt Chapter Membership and Registration Drive - Sunday, September 03, 2017, 12pm - 5pm

    The Frankfurt Chapter will be sponsoring a membership and voter registration drive at the “New Comers Festival” in Frankfurt at the ”Römer”. So if you are not registered to vote or know someone who is interested in registering, please visit us and share this information with them.

    Berlin: Everyone an Activist (Tech) Workshop - Tuesday, September 05, 2017, 7:30pm - 9pm

    It’s September and time to go back to #resistance school! Democrats Abroad Berlin is hosting a tech workshop to get you ready to engage on the most important political issues. We’ll also have guest speaker Vincent-Immanuel Herr, activist, feminist, and co-author of the book “Who, If Not Us?” to talk about the role of regular citizens in political and civic life.

    Online DA Speaker Series: Climate Change - Tuesday, September 5, 2017,  8pm - 9pm

    Join us for the next webinar in our DA Speaker Series. This time we'll be discussing climate change with guest speakers from the League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club on Tuesday, September 5th at 2 p.m. EDT. RSVP TODAY!

    Kaiserslautern Chapter After Labor Day Picnic - Saturday, September 9, 2017, 1pm - 4pm

    Beverly Brinn has graciously volunteered to host this event at her home in Landstuhl. Plan to bring your favorite dish to share with the group for this potluck/BBQ event.

    Baseball in Hamburg - Knights vs. Stealers - Saturday, September 16, 2017, 2pm - 7pm

    Join us for a ball game right here in Hamburg. We'll be cheering on the Hamburg Knights (whose roster includes Chapter member Eric Shambroom) as they take on the Hamburg Stealers in a doubleheader.

    Stuttgart Chapter Political Pub night in September - September 21, 2017, 7pm - 9pm

    Join us for another fun evening drinks and snacks and the chance to share your opinions on the latest political gossip! Our Pub Nights are an especially good opportunity for curious prospective members to check us out, and for all of our non-American family and friends to share their unique views on the craziness in Washington that affects all of us.

    Liz Jaff in Munich - Saturday, September 30, 2107, 5:30 pm - Twenty-nine-year-old Liz Jaff, organizer, fundraiser, community builder and tech whiz, ran for a Vice-Chair seat in the last 2017 DNC election in Atlanta. Liz will be joining DA Germany to speak to our members to explain what the tech world and Silicon Valley can bring to the sphere of Democratic progressive politics.

    Wiesbaden/Mainz Chapter Social Event in Rheingau - Saturday, September 30, 2017,  2pm - 6pm

    Join us for an exceptional afternoon near Wiesbaden. Whether you hope to make new friends with Americans living abroad, snack on tacos, enjoy the sights of Bubenhäuser Höhe, taste a little local wine or learn more about political issues come to our gathering!

    Kryptonite Radio Theater Wiesbaden has agreed to perform at our September event. Members of the multinational crew perform skits, plays, and music from the golden age of radio with a modern twist. Join us for an exceptional afternoon near Wiesbaden. It should be great and we hope you join us!

    October Events:

    Ninth Annual Oktoberfest in Munich - Sunday, October 1, 2017, 11:00 am · €80.00 EUR - Join us at Munich’s Oktoberfest, with 120 Democrats from all around the world, in the most traditional of all the beer tents: Schottenhamel!

    An Evening with Howard Dean in Berlin - Thursday, October 5, 2017,  5pm · €8.00 EUR

    Democrats Abroad is honored to be able to welcome former Governor of Vermont and Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean. Governor Dean will speak, as well as take questions from the audience.

    Wiesbaden-Mainz Chapter at the Mainz Oktoberfest - Sunday, October 22nd, 10:30 am €26.00

    Can't go the Munich Oktoberfest, why not try Mainz's Oktoberfest. Bring the whole family for a day of fun and German culture in heart of Mainz.

    November Events:

    2017 DPCA Global Auction

    Donating items to be bid on globally. All proceeds will go toward Getting Out the Vote for American's abroad and helping to elect Democrats down the ballot in the 2018 Midterm Elections. Additionally, 50% of proceeds raised by DAG donations will go directly to support DA Germany. Items may be donated via this link. You can start donating items now.

    Save the date for Wiesbaden-Mainz Chapter Thanksgiving Dinner - Thursday, November 23, 2017, 6pm - 9pm. Location and details to be announced in October

    For the latest information about Democrats Abroad Germany, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 02:00 PM · 3 rsvps

    Wiesbaden/Mainz Chapter Social Event in Rheingau

    Breaking news: Kryptonite Radio Theater Wiesbaden has agreed to perform at out Sep event. Members of the multinational crew perform skits, plays and music from the golden age of radio with a modern twist. Join us for an exceptional afternoon near Wiesbaden.

    If you've ever wanted to know more about your local DA Germany Mainz/Wiesbaden Chapter, come to our social gathering on Sep 30, 2017 from 2-6 pm in Rauenthal near Eltville in beautiful Rheingau.

    Whether you hope to make new friends with Americans living abroad, snack on tacos, enjoy the sights of Bubenhäuser Höhe, taste a little local wine or learn more about political issues come to our gathering!
    All members are encouraged to attend and bring interested (also native) friends, too.
    Meeting point is at the wine tasting stand parking lot of Bubenhäuser Höhe.
    Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 06:00 PM · €25.00 EUR · 18 rsvps
    Georgenhof in Munich, Germany

    Liz Jaff in Munich!

    Join Democrats Abroad Germany for an evening in Munich with Liz Jaff, member of the transition team of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Liz will be making a stop in Munich during her trip to Europe. Democrats Abroad and the Global Women’s Caucus are helping to organize a series of events, which feature Liz, that look more deeply into the subject of how to get more women involved in tech.

    The Munich Chapter and Democrats Abroad Germany is thrilled to be a part of these events and to have Liz speak at a dinner the evening before our 9th Annual Oktoberfest celebration. Dinner will be at 6pm on Saturday, September 30th. Tickets are offered at 25€ and 80€ donations.

    More information about Liz:

    Liz Jaff is currently a member of the transition team of the DNC, which is responsible for “providing concrete suggestions and advice on building a Party that reaches into and represents every corner of America.” As a member of this team, she is working on putting together a new technology team within the DNC to help update, and create the necessary online tools for activists and for those that want to be involved.

    Liz was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. She returned to the States in 2007 to work on the Obama campaign. Her first job in politics was working on the core organizing team for Obama in 2008 and in 2012, she was the Ohio Deputy GOTV Director. Between 2008 and 2012, she worked for the Obama administration, the Department of Commerce, and at USAID.

    For two years, Liz worked on Capitol Hill and went on to run and win John Delaney’s re-election campaign for Maryland’s sixth Congressional district in 2014. After this successful campaign, she became the Head of Campaigns for the political crowdfunding start-up,Crowdpac Inc., which works at the crossroads of technology and politics, and encourages more state and local candidate to run for office. During her time at Crowdpac, she worked with over 200 small grassroots campaigns and 100 candidates to help them run for office, find new donors, engage new activists, and promote their stories.

    Prior to joining the DNC transition team, Liz ran for Vice Chair in the most recent DNC elections. Despite the loss, she continues to be an important voice in the DNC and we are honored to be able to welcome her to Germany to speak to our members about what the tech world and Silicon Valley can bring to the sphere of Democratic progressive politics.

    Donation Amounts:

    25€ - Nice dinner and socializing with Democratic Party Committee Abroad leadership, keynoted with address from Liz Jaff!
    80€- Nice dinner and socializing with Democratic Party Committee Abroad leadership, keynoted with address from Liz Jaff and a seat at the table with Liz herself!
    Payment can be made to:
    Democrats Abroad Germany
    IBAN DE04 5405 0220 0140 2702 99
    Ref: JAFF