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Democrats Abroad is a community of Americans living abroad, united by our support of the progressive ideals that make up the foundation of the Democratic Party and our love of getting expats registered to vote. As Democrats Abroad Spain, our main goal is to find Americans who are residents in Spain and to help them register to vote in order to elect Democratic candidates to Congress and the Presidency of the United States.  Absentee ballots from Americans living abroad can often swing close elections and we want to help you cast those votes!

Beyond just getting out the vote every two years, we have a lot in common and have a lot of events filled with debate, laughter and often a bit of vino. Those of us in the Barcelona and Madrid chapters bring our families and friends as we meet regularly to share insights and concerns about issues ranging from climate change to race relations. (And we'd love to hold events in other parts of Spain too!) We gather to watch Democratic debates (and soon to cheer on our Democratic candidate in the general presidential debates), and then have some of our own. And we keep you up-to-date on matters of particular interest to Americans like us residing outside of the U.S., including taxes and citizenship.

We would love to have members in other parts of Spain organize small teams to help anyone living abroad to register to vote and then to get out the vote in the upcoming election, while working to build a long-term Democrat community. We are an important voting bloc that deserves a strong voice stateside!

All members receive email updates on events and issues of interest to Democrats around the world as well news of projects and activities in Spain, and members of the Madrid and Barcelona chapters are kept in the loop for activities taking place locally.

Just by joining Democrats Abroad, you are helping us achieve our goal, but, if you want to do more, volunteer to share your talents, enthusiasm and expertise by helping to:

  • Attend events (and bring your friends!)
  • Organize events
  • Organize fundraisers
  • Plan debate-watch parties and thoughtful policy talks
  • Get your friends living abroad to register to vote and then to vote by mail
  • Spread the word on social media and phone banking
  • Anything else you can think of!

We are a 100 percent volunteer organization and we need your help! Fun is fundamental as we go about the task of getting as many Americans in Spain to make their voices heard in the American elections. If you're not a member yet, now is the time to join!

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Gil Carbajal

Chair, Democrats Abroad Spain



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    Election Night Watch Parties in Spain - Tuesday November 8th

    Don't miss out on this historic night!

    Check out the various election night parties happening on Tuesday November 8th throughout Spain here!


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    The Hit Musical "Hamilton" scores big at DA Madrid event

    BIG thank you to everyone who joined us Sunday May 22nd for our lyrical break down of Lin-Manuel Miranda's #‎HamiltonTheMusical! It was a great evening discussing Alexander #‎Hamilton's story and how he is one of our most influential founding fathers.

    Ryan Turner, Chapter President welcomed the group of about 35 people to this special event at Variospintos.  Ryan announced for those who hadn't been at a previous meeting that he and his family will be moving to Milan in June.  His wife has accepted an position with a large Italian insurance company with responsibilities for Spain, France and South America.  Ryan will soon be brushing up his Italian before finding himself a position, and the little guy gets to master his third language. Ryan said it would be his last meeting as President, and announced that the Vice President of DA Madrid, Sarah Graves will assume the chapter presidency. Ryan said he was sad to leave behind so many friends, but he made a point to say that it is not an "Adios." 

    Save the date for our Anniversary Party, Saturday June 11 where we will say "Hasta Luego" to the Turners.  We're looking for volunteers to help organize parts of the Party, food, entertainment, decoration and maybe a Silent Auction.  We're looking for talent as we repeat the very successful open mic once again. 

    Ryan introduced our summer interns, Andrea Parra and Stephen Read who will help us get ready for the coming election with a focus on building our social media outreach, phone bank coordination and coordinating events in June and July.  They have completed the Federal Voting Assistance training program and are Certified Voting Assistance Officers.  

    The idea of using the Broadway play, Hamilton as the focus of an event was the brainchild of of our Events Chair Nicole Pearson.  She's been wanting to get tickets for the play for months only to find out that it is sold out for two years.  We soon learned why as we enjoyed some of the rap lyrics as they told the story of the life of Hamilton and the founding fathers.  The dynamics of politics that we know today have solid roots. This format for telling history was amazing.  While we got only a taste of the staging we were able to enjoy some of the play that they performed at the White House.

    Nicole was joined by Michael Beeson who had an excellent grasp of the historical fact, providing great background to the story that we enjoyed.  As the story progressed and the first election was held following the two terms of President George Washington, we had the opportunity to enjoy another episode of Mikey's Corner.  

    Mike Presiado stepped up and provided the color of the messy process of electing the second president of the US.

    This was another in a series of wonderful events that DA Madrid has offered. Hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the next one soon to be announced in June. 

    To volunteer for the party please contact Jim Mercereau 

    And another big thank you to our host, Variopintos. Thank you for providing us with such a welcoming space and delicious food & drink!


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    Upcoming Events

    Friday, January 20, 2017 at 02:00 PM
    U.S. Consulate in Valencia in València, Spain


    Concerned U.S. citizens have organized a demonstration in front of the U.S. Consulate at 2 pm. 
    For more information, check out the event on Meetup or Facebook.
    Friday, January 20, 2017 at 06:00 PM


    Organized by MADRID RESISTANCE. Please see our FACEBOOK EVENT for more information. 

    This event will be an actual march. It will begin at Opera and end at Puerta del Sol where there will be speeches and open mic opportunities. Also this is a legal protest with a permit. #madridagainsttrump
    We don’t aim to protest the Inauguration, rather we will walk together as a means to join in solidarity with groups that organize against racism, sexism, homophobia, classism and transphobia. We are against the hateful rhetoric, policies, and cabinet choices of Trump as they do not reflect our values or our vision of a progressive, inclusive, open-minded, and diverse USA. 

    We want to come together to tell Madrileños, Spaniards, and all of Europe that we do not accept the status quo of the US political system and that we refuse to normalize the platform of the President elect. It is not who we are.

    We reject racism, fascism, neoliberalism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia and sexism in all forms

    We reject White nationalism. 

    We believe in science. Climate change is real and is a dangerous threat to our planet.

    We hope to work peacefully, while passionately expressing our frustration and disagreement with the views of the president-elect and aspects of the system in which he was elected.

    Our invitation extends to all citizens regardless of race, nationality, or language to join in solidarity with American citizens who resist the policies and agenda this regime aims to push forward without the consent of its American constituents. Join us.