Democrats Abroad Australia (DAA) is the official country committee for US Democrats living in Australia. Membership is available only to US citizens. Joining Democrats Abroad does not cancel your registration with your home state.  Everyone still votes through their home state for the November election.

We currently have active chapters in NSW (Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne), ACT (Canberra), South Australia (Adelaide) and  Queensland (Brisbane).  Be sure to check out upcoming events in these cities!

Find out about how to vote from abroad and how you can help Get Out the Vote!

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Umme Hoque, Chair
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Democrats Abroad - Australia

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    Democrats Abroad Australia National Survey

    The Democratic party is our party. It should reflect and address the concerns you have. And, as we ramp up to the 2018 mid-terms, we need as much member involvement as possible. So let us know what matters to you in the Party - and how you want to get involved to ensure our party reflects our values.
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    DA Australia National Officer Election Results

    Democrats Abroad Australia elected its national officers at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, 18 March 2017.  Congratulations to its newly elected officers:

    Chair:         Umme Sarah Hoque
    Vice Chair:  Kent Getsinger
    Secretary:   Kito Alvarez
    Treasurer:   Mark Evans
    Counsel:     Lisa Lombardi

    Thank you to everyone who ran for office, including candidates Michael Ramos, Elizabeth Cage, Evan Leandro and Saun Mowrey.

    Following are the results of the election, which includes the tally of the votes cast at the AGM in person or via WebEx and the absentee ballots which all DAA members had the opportunity to cast up until 24 hours before the start of the AGM.  

    Umme Sarah Hoque:  57
    Michael Ramos:          56

    Vice Chair
    Elizabeth Cage:          53
    Kent Getsinger:          39
    Evan Leandro:            15

    Democrats Abroad requires gender diversity for the positions of Chair and Vice Chair.  Members of DA Australia were informed prior to voting that only the votes of the Vice Chair of the opposite gender of the person elected Chair would be counted. 

    Kito Alvarez:               60
    Shaun Mowrey:           40

    Mark Evans as the sole candidate was elected by unanimous assent at the AGM.

    Legal Counsel 
    Lisa Lombardi as the sole candidate was elected by unanimous assent at the AGM.

    There were abtensions from voters in the races for Vice Chair and Secretary which account for the differences in the tallies for the 3 contested races. 

    Verification of Election Results
    Chris Stueckle, Teller of the Election, has verified the election results.  All voters were confirmed as members of Democrats Abroad Australia in order to count their vote.  In accordance with section 17.8 of the DA Australia by-laws and the absentee ballot instructions, absentee ballot votes were accepted from members whose email address matched the voter's email address in the records of Democrats Abroad. Where the email addresses did not match, the voter was informed prior to the AGM and notified of the opportunity to cast a vote during the AGM. The Teller of the Election and the Election Committee assistants Ersie Burke and Lisa Lombardi each counted the votes three times and ensured that only one vote was cast from a DAA member.

    Minutes from the AGM will be circulated this week.  The new board is currently being set up with full access to the Democrats Abroad Australia database, bank account, and social media.  

    Thank you to all DAA members who voted in the election and AGM.  We had an unprecedented level of turn out.  We look forward to DAA members involvement under the leadership of its newly elected national officers.

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