Our Charter and Platform

Our Charter

The DPCA Charter outlines the rules that our party follows as an organization.
Changes in the charter are voted on by the voting body of the organization during annual general meetings.  

DA Charter PDF

Our Platform

Democrats Abroad is proud to present our 2020 Platform.

2020 Platform PDF

Our platform was crafted over a six month period, with the input of over 1,100 respondents to the Plank Poll and dozens of Kitchen Table Talks held around the world. Working with subject matter experts from our organization, we have come up with a platform that attempts to capture the political philosophy and aspirations of Democrats Abroad, as expressed through our Resolutions and over 10,000 comments gathered from start to finish in the drafting process.

Our guiding principle was to create a readable platform that encompasses the views of Democrats living abroad on topics that impact us specifically, as well as those that impact our country. It is not intended to be a list of “what should be done’ resolutions. Rather, it reflects our political philosophy and our aspirations. We steered clear of making detailed policy recommendations, since circumstances and tools may evolve, but instead articulated foundational principles that will remain consistent for the next 4 years.

In all cases, we aimed to capture the spirit of the initial draftings, but imposed a standard style throughout the platform text with the help of copy editors. We aimed for a style intended to transcend the years to come.

For the first time, we introduced an intersectionality panel, to include voices from as many constituencies as possible and to stay true to the Democratic Party's values of inclusion and diversity.

Our platform articulates what we believe, and why.