Our Charter and Platform

The Democrats Abroad Platform defines the aspirations of DA as an organization, and our Charter document defines the rules that Democrats Abroad follows as an organization.  These are living documents, and we invite our members to help us define and refine them to match the times in which we live.

Our Platform

Every four years, Democrats Abroad members present to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) a Platform outlining the key issues pertinent to our global community of Democrats residing outside of the USA.

The Platform defines the perspectives and aspirations of DA as an organization. It helps place us within the Democratic Party as a whole. It defines our values and goals to Democratic candidates across the US.

Our Charter

The DPCA Charter outlines the rules that our party follows as an organization.  Changes in the charter are voted on by the voting body of the organization each year during annual general meetings.  

Our 2024 Platform

Our Charter

DA Charter PDF