Overseas Americans – estimated at 9 million by the US State department – have had the right to vote in Federal elections since 1975 thanks to grassroots campaigning by citizens and organizations, particularly Democrats Abroad. Since that time, it's become clear that a theoretical right to vote does not necessarily translate into an effective reality. Each state has different procedures and deadlines, information distribution is difficult, and mail delivery times can be problematic.

Great strides have been made in recent years. More overseas Americans than ever before who wish to vote are able to do so. Congress passed important legislation both protecting and facilitating overseas citizens' ability to vote. Online registration tools like Vote From Abroad at have made it even easier to send a yearly request for ballot required by the law. 

DA Voting Leadership:

Heidi Burch
| DA Canada Executive Vice Chair/Global GOTV Co-Chair/DA Canada Victoria Chapter Member-at-Large
Eileen Weinberg
| DA Switzerland / Global GOTV Co-Chair
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    Georgia Secretary of State Dec 4 Runoff

    Georgia will hold a State Runoff Election on Tuesday, December 4 to elect the next state Secretary of State. Georgia holds runoffs when no candidate receives a majority of the vote in an election. We all saw Republican Secretary of State Kemp carry out his outrageous tactics of voter suppression while serving his term as Georgia's chief election official, undermining democracy to narrowly eke out a win to be the next Governor over Stacey Adams. Vote for Democrat John Barrow     in the Runoff and ensure Georgia's future elections are fair and every vote is counted!

    Overseas voters can vote in the Runoff Election if you registered as "intend to return" and also requested a ballot for the General Election. You should have received a Statewide State Office Write-In Ballot (SWAB) with the absentee ballot for the General Election, or download the SWAB. Official ballots will be mailed to voters, but time is tight to mail your ballot back before the deadline, so vote now using the SWAB!

    Georgia Runoff for Georgia Secretary of State: Tuesday, December 4

    • Ballot Return: by mail only, postmarked by Tue, Dec 4 and received by Fri, Dec 7 to be counted

    Please share this information on to any Georgia voters you know. Voters flipped by electing Lucy McBath, and we can flip this office too. Democrats win when Democrats vote!

    Send any questions to And complete our 2018 Voter Survey about voting in the 2018 midterms to help make it easier to #votefromabroad.


    SWAB Instructions for Georgia Overseas Voters


    1. Write in the candidate's first and last name. 
    2. To ensure secrecy, place your folded ballot into a plain envelope and seal.
    3. Print and complete the required oath (PDF) statement. Place the completed oath and the sealed envelope into another outer envelope and seal. Write the words “Official Absentee Ballot” on the outer envelope. Failure to sign and return the oath will cause your SWAB to be rejected.
    4. Return the SWAB by mail to your local county registrar. The SWAB will not be accepted if it is returned by fax or email. All ballots postmarked by the runoff date will be counted if received by the county office within three days of the runoff election.
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    Mississippi Runoff for US Senate, Nov 27

    Mississippi will hold a Runoff Election on Tuesday, November 27 for U.S. Senate. Mississippi holds runoffs when no candidate receives a majority of the vote in a special election. This is a tight race. Democrat Mike Espy      and the current Republican Senator tied in the General Election. Now is our chance to flip this seat.

    All registered Mississippi voters can vote in this special federal election. If you voted in the General Election, please be sure to return the Ranked Choice ballot that came with you official absentee ballot. If you have it, go ahead and return it now. If you need a new one, contact your election official for a new one. More information on

    If you didn't vote in the midterms, send in your form to request a ballot now. It's really easy, you can both send the request and receive your ballot by email. The deadline is November 27, 7pm CST.

    Mississippi Special Runoff for U.S. Senate: Tuesday, November 27

    • Voter Registration: Oct 29 (passed)
    • Ballot Request: No deadline
    • Ballot Return: received by Tue, Nov 27, 7pm CST (email, fax, or mail)

    ☛ Request a ballot: Complete the form at

    Please share this information on to any Mississippi voters you know. Democrats win when Democrats vote!

    Send any questions to And complete our 2018 Voter Survey about voting in the 2018 midterms to help make it easier to #votefromabroad.


    Runoff Instructions for Mississippi Overseas Voters


    • Simultaneous with the transmittal of your absentee ballot for the General Election, you have also been provided with a ranked-choice absentee ballot to be used in the instance of a Runoff Election.
    • The ranked choice ballot allows you to rank all potential runoff election candidates in the order of your preference.
    • If you rank two or more candidates the same, your vote in that particular race will not be counted.
    • You are not required to indicate your preference for more than one candidate.
    • No additional ballot will be sent to you for a Runoff Election.
    • It is your choice when you vote and return your voted Runoff Election absentee ballot; however, absentee ballots returned electronically must be received by the Circuit Clerk's Office of the voter's county of residence by 7:00 p.m. on the date of the election in order to be counted. Absentee ballots must be received on or before the deadline.

    For the Runoff Election, your ballot must be received by the Circuit Clerk's Office no later than Runoff Election Day, November 27, at 7:00pm CST.

    • Absentee ballots requested on Election Day may only be received by the voter and returned to the Circuit Clerk's Office by e-mail.
    • Note: Only the first received absentee ballot may be counted per election per voter. Subsequent absentee ballots received from the same voter for the same election will be rejected.
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    Urgent Action for Florida Voters

    We need you to take action NOW to make sure that your vote is counted.

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    A Message to Ohio Voters

    Your vote is important to Ohio! All of Ohio's major races are either tied or within the margin of error. We need your vote to reelect Sherrod Brown     to the US Senate, put Rich Cordray      and Betty Sutton      in the governor's office, sweep the statewide races and turn Ohio blue.

    Even if you voted from abroad in the past, if you haven't yet requested your ballot this year, you still need to do so to make sure you can vote. Just go to, fill in the Federal request form, print, sign and send it in to your local election office here in Ohio.

    If you have any questions about voting please email DA's Voter Help Desk at

    On behalf of the Ohio Democratic Party      I thank you for your commitment to voting!

    Democratically yours,
    David Pepper, Chair
    Ohio Democratic Party


    There's still time to get a ballot, but the deadline is coming up. Don't wait:

    REQUEST your overseas absentee ballot before Saturday, November 3, 12 noon EST. You may send your request form by email, fax or mail. We recommend sending your request form by email or fax and having your ballot delivered to you by email.

    RETURN your ballot by Monday, November 5. Your ballot must be mailed by the day before Election Day and received by Friday, November 16.

    If you don't have a ballot yet and are concerned about the time it will take to mail it to Ohio, VOTE now using the FWAB. The Federal backup ballot can be used to vote for all elections and ballot measures. The FWAB must be mailed by November 5 and received by November 16 to be counted. You still need to submit the Federal request form by November 3.


    All overseas voters may vote in Ohio state and local elections as well as elections for federal offices (US House and US Senate races).

    Note: When you fill in your ballot request form, be aware that selecting "I intend to return" rather than "my return is uncertain" may contribute towards establishing yourself as a tax resident in your voting state. Because the legal requirements to establish "residence" or "domicile" for tax purposes are determined by state law and the specific facts of your life, before you note that you intend to return on your form you may consider seeking advice on these matters from your tax professional.

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