Overseas Americans – estimated at 9 million by the US State department – have had the right to vote in Federal elections since 1975 thanks to grassroots campaigning by citizens and organizations, particularly Democrats Abroad. Since that time, it's become clear that a theoretical right to vote does not necessarily translate into an effective reality. Each state has different procedures and deadlines, information distribution is difficult, and mail delivery times can be problematic.

Great strides have been made in recent years. More overseas Americans than ever before who wish to vote are able to do so. Congress passed important legislation both protecting and facilitating overseas citizens' ability to vote. Online registration tools like Vote From Abroad at have made it even easier to send a yearly request for ballot required by the law. 

DA Voting Leadership:

Heidi Burch
| Global GOTV Chair
Eileen Weinberg
| DA Switzerland / Global GOTV Co-Chair
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    Volunteer Opportunities - How to Support the Senate Runoff in Georgia

    Interested in helping Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev Raphael Warnock win election to the US Senate--and help Democrats gain control of the Senate?

    Click on this link for Volunteer Opportunities

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    Cure Your Ballot

    Make sure your ballot counts this year - track your ballot to check it has been accepted.

    You can still "cure" your ballot in states including Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina.

    *Check your email, especially your spam folder and any secondary inboxes, for any notices from your county. Any questions? Get in touch in the comment bubble below or email [email protected]

    Arizona voters
    1. Check your ballot status:
       [Website requires a Voter Identification number--check the email you received when you got your ballot]
    2. If there is a problem or if you can't access the website, contact your county immediately to find out how to "cure" it
        [find contact info here]
    3. Maricopa county ballot cure details
    Deadline to Cure:  5th business day after federal election = Nov 10, 2020

    Georgia voters
    1. Check your ballot status: or
       [After you submit your information, go to "Click here for Absentee Ballot status" in lower left box]
    2. If there is a problem, contact your county immediately [find contact info here]
    3. You will need to send in a photo ID (US passport or military ID is ok) & Signature Cure affidavit confirming the ballot is yours
    (You can send in ID and affidavit by email or fax)
    Deadline to Cure:  3 days after election = Nov 6, 2020

    Nevada voters

    1. Check your ballot status: or 
    2. If there is a problem, contact your county clerk immediately (find contact info here)
    3. You will need to confirm your signature belongs to you. The process is set up on a county by county basis.
    Deadline to Cure:  7 days after federal election = Nov 12, 2020 at 5pm (Nevada time)

    North Carolina voters

    1. Check your ballot status:
    2. If there is a problem, contact your county clerk immediately (find contact info here)
    3. You will need to provide an Absentee Cure Certification if your signature is missing or in the wrong place (you can send in the Absentee Cure Certification by email or fax)
    Deadline to Cure:  7 days after federal election = Nov 12, 2020 at 5pm ET

    More details on ballot "curing" 

    Part of the process of counting absentee ballots is verifying that these have been submitted following the state election rules. If such a problem arises, the ballot may not be accepted and therefore not counted. Many states’ election laws provide for a process called ‘curing,’ which gives voters a chance to fix this problem so that their ballots can be counted.

    Ballot curing entails two steps:

    1. The Local Election Official identifies a problem including:

    A) A voter’s signature doesn’t match the one on file. This can happen if a voter signs their ballot materials with a mouse or trackpad, making the signature
    different from one written with a pen. If the signature on file is years or decades old, it may differ from the current signature.
    B) A voter’s signature is missing or in the wrong place on the ballot
    C) Witness information (where relevant) is incorrect or incomplete.

    2. The LEO contacts the voter and offers a way to fix or “cure” the problem. Typically, the LEO will give the voter an affidavit to sign and return with a form of identification like a copy of a passport or state driver’s license. By completing this process, the ballot can then be counted. (For a complete list of the verification process by state, click here. For a list of states that allow signature correction, click here.)

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    General Election Voting Survey

     >>> Share your voting experience <<<

    Your voter story can help Americans abroad protect our right to have our ballots counted.

    Democrats Abroad is preparing to go to court to fight for absentee ballots to be counted in the United States. Please share your voting experience in this short survey. We will also use this information to push for election reform in Congress and in state legislatures.


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    Vote from Abroad: Voter registration training


    Help Get Out The Vote (GOTV) in 2020

    Are you an American living abroad and want to help register voters that live abroad?
    Drop in for one of our voter trainings and learn how easy it is help get out the vote wherever you are around the world!
    Event length will vary based on factors but average session 1-2 hrs

    Video Training for GA Senate Run-off election. Questions? Email: [email protected]

    Updated Training November 22nd:


    Training November 13th

    For Generic Voter Registration training see below:

    You can also watch this handy training video (just hit play) to get the basics of voter registration using votefromabroad.orgOnce you have taken a training take this certification quiz. Once you've done that you'll hear from us!


    Should you have training questions email: [email protected]

    Here is a handy website to convert the time zone to yours wherever you are in the world.


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