Volunteer for Phonebanking!

Join our phonebanking effort — together we can help elect more Democrats!

DA uses an online system that lets you call from a computer--all you need is internet access, Chrome browser and earphones with a mic (or cell phone ear buds).

Calls to the voter are made for you through your computer for free; you won't need to use your cell phone minutes. 

The script is displayed on the computer screen right in front of you along with the voter's information. Just follow the script and click on the answers to the survey - no other record-keeping needed.

*To download and install Chrome on Windows, Mac or Linux, click on this link: Download and install Google Chrome

Ready to get started? Here's how to sign up:

1) Sign into your DA account at: www.democratsabroad.org (Click on "Join/Sign In" on the upper right)

2) Come back to this page and click on: www.democratsabroad.org/voter_support_team  (You need to be signed into your DA account first)

3) Follow the (short) instructions to sign up as a phonebanking volunteer

4)  After you've signed up, you will receive an email from support@callhub.io to activate your account and set up a password. (It may take up to 10 minutes to receive the email). Be sure to record your password as you'll need it to work on campaigns (if you forget your password, you can re-set it)

5)  Come back to this page and review the TRAINING MATERIALS (below)

If you have any problems signing up, please contact us at: callhub-helpdesk@democratsabroad.org
*Please don't contact the phonebanking system's website support. They will not be able to sign you up as a DA phonebanking volunteer.



Returning Phonebanker? 

Already have a phonebanking account set up? Start Calling Voters by logging in at https://callhub.io

  • Can't Remember How to Get Into Your Phonebanking Account? If you've done phonebanking with DA before, but can't quite remember your login information, check out How to Sign in to an Existing Phonebanking Account

  • Need a Refresher? Review the TRAINING MATERIALS (above)

Any Questions? Please contact us at gotv@democratsabroad.org