Phonebanking Info for our Callers

Thank you for being part of our phonebanking team —
and delivering democracy from abroad

Democrats Abroad uses CallHub, a free-for-you online system that lets you call from a computer or tablet—all you need is internet access and a speaker with a microphone. Log in and you will see a script and the voter information so you know who you're talking to. Simply follow the script and then fill in the survey answers: no other record-keeping needed.

If you haven't called with us before, please sign in here, and then start here: Phonebanking Training.


NOW is the time to make a difference by joining our final-push phonebanking campaigns. You'll be calling Democrats Abroad members who vote in battleground states and swing districts. Please help us tackle these calls ASAP. The more voters we contact, the more votes we get back! Thank you!

Nov 15-17 and Nov 26-27

Script and Calling Instructions

State: Georgia

Who we're calling: All callable Democrats Abroad members who vote in Georgia

Why: To notify them of the December 6 runoff election for U.S. Senate in Georgia, urge them to participate, and communicate DA's available voting resources

New! Phonebanking Office Hours

Saturday, November 19, 10-11pm US Eastern
Password: 118471

Monday, November 21, 1-2pm ET

Wednesday, November 23, 11am-noon ET

Slack Channels for Phonebankers:

We’ve set up two channels on the Democrats Abroad Slack workspace specifically for phonebanking volunteers: 

  • PB Updates & Questions: We’ll use this channel to post new information, you can check it for updates. You can also ask questions and we’ll get back to you right away.

  • PB Chat: A spot for you to swap ideas and stories with other phonebankers. Just be sure to follow confidentiality guidelines and NEVER provide identifying information for any DA members.

If you’d like to join these new channels, please email [email protected]

We'll send you a separate email with the Slack invitation link and detailed instructions.

Resources for Phonebankers:

Training Videos:

Returning Phonebankers

  • Having trouble getting into your phonebanking account?
  • Email [email protected] to contact the DA help desk.

Question about Phonebanking?
If you are having any difficulties with accessing CallHub, making calls, have questions about calls, or have any other phonebanking questions, please:

Email [email protected]

Questions about Voting?
Any questions about how to vote, please:

Email [email protected] to contact the Voter Help Desk.

Calling Events


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