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Democrats Abroad Sweden is the local volunteer organization for U.S. Democrats living in Sweden. Our mission is to register US citizens to vote and Get Out The Vote in Federal Elections. Our members live throughout Sweden, with the largest concentration in Greater Stockholm. At present there are active chapters in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Kalmar.

2016 is a big year for Democrats so please get involved with your local active chapter or contact us to set up your own local chapter.


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    Help organize the DA Sweden AGM

    For members who want to join the Democrats Abroad Sweden Annual General Meeting: please help us choose the venue city and date: http://doodle.com/poll/m4bv975n3ytbprbf
    Please include your full name when you vote, non member votes and votes without full names will be deleted.
    If you are not already a member, or you have deleted your membership, you can join at www.democratsabroad.org/join
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    Democrats Abroad Sweden Welcomes Vice President Joe Biden to Sweden

     photo Official_portrait_of_Vice_President_Joe_Biden_zpsgciud21f.jpg
    Democrats Abroad Sweden officially welcomes Vice President Joe Biden on his visit to Sweden and thanks him for his service as a United States Senator from Delaware for 36 years and as our Vice President for the past 8 years. His foreign policy expertise and tireless advocacy for every day Americans, wherever they live, has left an exceptional legacy of progress that will stay with us for years to come.

    Vice President Biden understands that change is hard work and has stood by President Barack Obama every step of the way. The Vice President's achievements are many and include working to address gun violence, advancing LGBTQ rights, strengthening the middle class, passing and further improving the Violence Against Women Act, and providing an effective voice for the United States in the world.

    The Vice President's willingness to tackle pressing global issues on his trip to Sweden, Latvia, and Turkey, such as re-affirming America's commitment to our NATO allies, and finding solutions to the refugee crisis, demonstrates that he is not slowing down.

    Democrats Abroad is working hard to protect Vice President Biden's legacy of progress by helping turn out the overseas vote for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, as well as Democratic candidates across the United States at all levels of government.

    To register and request you ballot, visit our dedicated online tool at votefromabroad.org.
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    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 01:00 PM
    Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm, Sweden

    Inauguration Demonstration - Democrats Abroad Sweden


    Stand up for liberal democracy and our Democratic values! #DAWeekOfAction

    On January 21st, 2017, the day after the inauguration, Democrats Abroad Sweden will be taking action in Stockholm to make clear that the incoming president will be held accountable. 

    This demonstration is for liberal democracy, openness, and tolerance.

    We will stand to protect our civil rights and liberties; for justice under the rule of law, inclusion, and equality; for an economy that works for everyone; for combating climate change; and for an international order of laws and institutions that preserves peace and promotes cooperation. 

    We will thank President Barack Obama for eight years of progress under inspiring leadership, that emphasized hope, not fear.

    We will reaffirm the principles of the Democratic Party platform which states that “Democrats believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls.”

    Under the hashtag #DAWeekOfAction, we will stand with fellow Democrats in Washington, D.C., in cities across the United States, and the world.

    Please sign up now using the RSVP on this page.

    Non-US citizen friends and allies are welcome to join. This is a family-friendly event, and all are welcome. For those who cannot attend, we will be preparing a statement that you can sign your name to, which will be published.

    Detailed instructions for the day will be announced by email one week beforehand to all who have signed up. 

    Contact Stockholm Chair Alex Lange for questions, or if you would like to join the organizing committee: walexanderlange@gmail.com

    Coming from Gothenburg / Western Sweden? Contact Michael Greenberg for information: michael58greenberg@gmail.com