• Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 06:00 PM Stockholm Time
    John Scotts Linné + WebEx in Göteborg, Sweden

    Transgendered youth as Republican talking point & political football: Facts & fictions (January afterwork)

    Spurred on by events like the attack on the Colorado Springs nightclub, the investigation of Texas families of transgendered children for child abuse (with attempts in Missouri to follow suit), the ban on gender-affirming healthcare for minors in Arkansas, and the return of bathroom bills, the fear levels in the US transgendered community and among their friends and allies is off the charts.

    Likely due to the significant divergence of opinions among party members, the Democratic Party has tended to stay largely silent even as the legislative activity and extremity of rhetoric has escalated. Even within the wider queer community, the degree of silence mixed with misunderstandings and misinformation is striking.

    The purpose of this afterwork is not to change anyone's opinions, never mind to say what opinions are "right" or "wrong", but rather to address some of the misunderstandings that are out there with the goal of establishing a baseline for respectful discussion so that the Republican Party need not continue to own the playing field. It will address such questions as:

    • What is the difference between (biological) sex and (social) gender? How do they relate to one another?
    • What is meant by social vs. medical transitioning?
    • What characteristic or characteristics, if any, can be used to determine sex without exception? Is it simply a matter of having XX vs. XY chromosomes? What is an X or a Y chromosome exactly, anyway?
    • What is the rate of incidence of divergence from the biological norm for males and females?

    Joel Parthemore, who is not transgender but who identifies as a gender-fluid man and who has had close connections with the transgender community, will make a short presentation and open up for discussion. This will be a hybrid afterwork, so attend in person or online.