Democrats Abroad Sweden holds a rally to unite against hate in Stockholm, Sweden on Aug 26th, 2017

Democrats Abroad Sweden is the local volunteer organization for U.S. Democrats living in Sweden. Our mission is to register U.S. citizens to vote and Get Out The Vote in Federal Elections. 

We are a grassroots organization, and our members live throughout Sweden. We have great local chapters in Skåne, in Western Sweden, and in Stockholm-Uppsala.

2020 is going to be big years for Democrats, so please get involved with your local active chapter or contact us to set up your own local chapter.

Members may access country committee bylaws and meeting minutes here: https://wiki.democratsabroad.org/display/ccSweden/Democrats+Abroad+Sweden+Wiki.

To receive the access information, just send a note to [email protected].

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DA Sweden Leadership:

Alex Lange
| DA Sweden Chair
Clara Popenoe Thor
| DA Sweden Vice-Chair
Sheri Eklund
| DA Sweden Treasurer
Jeffrey Cheng
| Int'l Secretary | Global IT Team | Sweden Secretary | Youth Caucus
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    Important 2020 Voting Information for US Voters in Sweden

    Please read this whole message carefully, since it contains important information to help U.S. voters in Sweden vote this year.

    Do you know when you'll be getting your ballot and how to return it? The 2020 presidential election is less than 50 days away. Don't delay!

    Voting from abroad has in fact already begun. Some states have sent ballots to overseas voters already and all states will have done so by September 19. 

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    Important April 2020 Updates from DA Sweden

    A lot of important updates since the Democrats Abroad 2020 Global Presidential Primary are here:

    📌 Coronavirus Crisis

    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Sweden Executive Committee has decided to extend the period during which we will not be having in-person events until April 15th. We continue to assess the situation on an ongoing basis, and will let members know when we will be resuming in-person events. 

    We are preparing a number of online/remote events, including for voter registration assistance, and are shifting our focus to outreach via social media and phone banking. 

    📌 Voter Registration for 2020

    Have you gone to votefromabroad.org yet to request your 2020 absentee ballot?
    Don't wait - fill out your Federal Post Card Application form today!

    📌 Democrats Abroad Delegates to the 2020 DNC - Applications Now Accepted!

    During the week of August 17th, the Democrats Abroad delegation will join the other state party delegations at the Democratic National Convention to formally choose our nominee for President of the United States.

    Any DA member is eligible to run, and the Affirmative Action Committee strongly emphasizes the importance of DA members from historically-underrepresented backgrounds to run as delegate candidates in showing the world the diversity of our Party and our members around the world.

    Forms to declare delegates’ candidacy are now available online. Please fill it out as soon as possible and return it no later than April 17th.

    Workshops with Democrats Abroad about becoming a 2020 DNC Delegate are happening on these dates next week:

    📌 Earth Day 50th Anniversary Panel Discussion

    On April 21st, the eve of the 50th Anniversary celebration of Earth Day, the Democrats Abroad Global Women's Caucus will present a virtual panel discussion on "Women and the Environment". Sign up to attend here.

    📌 FAQs on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Safety (CARES) Act from the Democrats Abroad Taxation Tax Force

    Democrats Abroad has received many hundreds of emails from members interested in understanding the provisions of the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, their eligibility for support and how and when they might receive it.

    In order to prevent delays in our responses, the Democrats Abroad Taxation Tax Force has developed from member emails a FAQs document that aims to address the key concerns we have been hearing. The Taxation Task Force will continue to add to it as needed.

    📌 Volunteer with Democrats Abroad Sweden

    Did you know that Democrats Abroad is an entirely volunteer-run organization? That means everything we do to reach out to voters abroad is because of the dedication and commitment of our amazing volunteers.

    Can you help take action with us?

    No commitment is too small, and working together has collective power!


    Beth Landry [They/Them]
    Vice Chair, Democrats Abroad Sweden
    [email protected]

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    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 01:00 PM Stockholm Time
    Online via Webex in Stockholm, Sweden



    On 24 April 2021, 1pm-2:30pm, Democrats Abroad Sweden will be holding our 2021 Annual General Meeting online via WebEx. All Democrats Abroad Sweden members are invited to attend this important meeting at which the results of the election of our leaders for the next two years will be announced.

    Democrats Abroad Sweden members will be sent the link to attend by email. If you are not opted in to receive emails from Democrats Abroad Sweden, please RSVP here and you will be sent the link for this event.


    The Democrats Abroad Sweden Executive Committee elections is being held by electronic ballot. Ballots have been sent by email to all members of Democrats Abroad Sweden opted in to receiving emails, and a blank ballot can be accessed by clicking the link below.  

    On the ballot, members can vote on the following choices with one vote per office:

    Chair   Cassandra Engeman (f)  
    Vice Chair   Kelvin Acheampong (m)   Rick Wicks (m)*
    Secretary   Kimberly Kane  
    Treasurer   Sheri Eklund  
    Counsel   Robert Houser  
    Member-at-Large 1   Beth Landry (nb)  
    Member-at-Large 2   Bill Borden (m)   Rick Wicks (m)*

    *Rick Wicks has withdrawn from all candidacies


    Password: dems

    Per our bylaws and Democratic Party rules, the Chair and Vice Chair must be of different gender, and the two members-at-large must also be of different gender. If a candidate is running for Member-at-Large, as well as Chair or Vice Chair, and is elected to the Chair or Vice Chair position, they will automatically withdraw from the Member-at-Large race.

    Click here for a blank ballot


    Under the leadership of the Chair, the Executive Committee is self-organizing and can distribute specific tasks between the members of the Executive Committee as it sees fit.

    Chair: The Chair leads the organization and is responsible for running the Executive Committee meetings. The role involves planning and overseeing of our activities. Chair has control over the bank account together with the Treasurer. The Chair also has a vote representing Democrats Abroad Sweden at global Democrats Abroad meetings and coordinates our activities with the global organization.

    Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair acts as a stand-in for the Chair, must be prepared to take over the Chair's role, and takes on various tasks as needed. The Vice-Chair is a signatory on the bank account. Like the Chair, the Vice-Chair also has a vote representing Democrats Abroad Sweden at global Democrats Abroad meetings.

    Note: Per DNC rules, the Chair and Vice-Chair must be of different gender.

    Secretary: The Secretary is our principal administrator. They oversee our documents and membership database, and ensure that minutes are taken at meetings. The Secretary is a signatory on the bank account.

    Treasurer: The Treasurer oversees our finances and fundraising to ensure we are in compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Along with the Chair, the Treasurer has control of the bank account.

    Counsel: The Counsel should be available for any potential legal questions. They also take on various projects and tasks, depending on what is needed and their skill set.

    Member-at-Large (2x): Members-at-Large have a vote representing Democrats Abroad Sweden at global Democrats Abroad meetings. They also take on various projects and tasks, depending on what is needed and their skill set.

    Note: Per DNC rules, the two members-at-large must be of different gender. 

    In addition to the above positions, each of the Chapter Chairs for also serves on the Executive Committee as an ex-officio member with full voting privileges. The Executive Committee also has a non-voting Communications Officer.


    1. Call to order;
    2. Election of meeting chair and secretary;
    3. Prepare and approve the voting list, confirm that a quorum is present;
    4. Approval of the agenda;
    5. Elect two persons to attest the minutes;
    6. Determination that the meeting has been duly called;
    7. Approval of the 2020 AGM minutes;
    8. Chair’s Report - Year in Review presentation; (Chapter reports will be available online)
    9. Treasurer’s Report and approval vote;
    10. Discharge Executive Committee from liability vote;
    11. Announcement of the results of the Executive Committee election;
    12. Statement(s) from new Chair and Executive Committee;
    13. Election of auditor; 
    14. Other business;
    15. Close of meeting.
    Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 06:00 PM Stockholm Time · 2 rsvps
    WebEx (online) in Göteborg, Sweden

    Taxes: Practical advice on FBAR and the 2020 IRS personal income-tax return

    Jennifer Cederwall of Cederwall's International Law Firm AB will offer practical guidance about filing FBAR and the 2020 IRS tax return. Check back on this space for further details!