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DA Western Sweden at the Pride Parade!
DA Western Sweden at the Göteborg Pride parade 2018

Putting the party back in Democratic Party!

DA Western Sweden* is a chapter of DA Sweden, the official country committee for U.S. Democrats living in Sweden.  We aim to find and organize Americans abroad to express their views about policies and events “back home” – and of course get out the vote when it’s election time – and have a good time doing it! Can you help?

Now more than ever, in the run-up to the November elections, the stakes are sky high: four more years of Trump and Pence, with everything that's been done to our democracy, or four years of Biden and Harris?

Not a DA member?  Click at the upper right-hand corner of the page and select "join"! Then join our Facebook group. If you have questions or would like to help, get in touch!

* For our purposes, "Western Sweden" extends to Halmstad, Jönköping and Karlstad and beyond.

DA Western Sweden Leadership:

Diane Larsson
| Western Sweden Chair
Joel Parthemore
| Western Sweden Secretary
William Collier
| Western Sweden Treasurer
Nancy Eichenlaub
| Halmstad Coordinator
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    2018: A Great Year for Democrats in Western Sweden

    Democrats in Western Sweden had an event-filled year while increasing our membership by about 25% and inspiring even many non-members (other Americans in Sweden) to vote in the very successful Mid-Term Elections. A few events are already highlighted with stories and pictures below: March for Our Lives gun-control demonstration, two Tax Events & Protests, and a very full Euro-Pride Week.

    Early in the year we had several fun phone-banking parties at Frank & Gunilla Beal's home.

    In May we attended the John Steinbeck play The Moon is Down -- about Nazi tyranny in Norway -- and starring our fantastic chair Kim MacKay.

    We had five voter registration events including ones in Halmstad and Borås and a Sunday brunch.

    In June went out to the ballgame (baseball) -- complete with Franks's wonderful crackerjacks! -- with the Göteborg Sharks (Hajarna)!

                                         Photo credit: The Local

    In August we toured Nordens Ark and met new members in Bohuslän!

    In December we attended the new Glenn Close movie The Wife --- about the Nobel Prize in Literature -- and heard inside stories from our member Fredrik Gildea who has a part in the movie!

    Throughout the year we had monthly Last-Tuesday Afterworks (and one special one, after the election), many with special themes -- bilingualism, problems with our democracy, varieties of democracy, U.S. taxes, food waste, bicycling across North America -- as well as several focused on the election and results.

    Naturally all these events required at least seven Steering Committee and Event Planning meetings -- most if not all magnificently hosted by Carry Cooper and Bill Collier -- as well as a constant stream of communications.

    Thanks to all our Steering Committee and other volunteers for helping with this wonderfully successful year!

    Within a few months we need to elect (or re-elect) our officers and other Steering Committee members. If you'd like to get involved, please get in touch!

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    EuroPride-Göteborg: Human Rights Panel, DNC Reception, Literature/Information Table, & Parade!

    We had a WONDERFUL experience with EuroPride Week in Göteborg this year! Besides a panel discussion on Friday with Martha McDevitt-Pugh (chair of DA's Global LGBT Caucus) and Ian Higham (DA-Sweden member and political researcher) during the Human Rights Conference (with moderator Maria Sjödin, former chair of RFSL)

    and that evening a "DNC reception" with Martha and our own Adrianne George (both are elected DNC members representing Democrats Abroad),

     we had a literature/information booth several days where we gave out hundreds of Elect a Clown/Democrats Believe cards, 

    and then we marched in the parade on Saturday and gave out at least a thousand more! 

    The Make America Gay Again posters (showing Trump in bad drag) were EXTREMELY popular. Also buttons!

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    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 01:00 PM Stockholm Time
    Online via Webex in Stockholm, Sweden



    On 24 April 2021, 1pm-2:30pm, Democrats Abroad Sweden will be holding our 2021 Annual General Meeting online via WebEx. All Democrats Abroad Sweden members are invited to attend this important meeting at which the results of the election of our leaders for the next two years will be announced.

    Democrats Abroad Sweden members will be sent the link to attend by email. If you are not opted in to receive emails from Democrats Abroad Sweden, please RSVP here and you will be sent the link for this event.


    The Democrats Abroad Sweden Executive Committee elections is being held by electronic ballot. Ballots have been sent by email to all members of Democrats Abroad Sweden opted in to receiving emails, and a blank ballot can be accessed by clicking the link below.  

    On the ballot, members can vote on the following choices with one vote per office:

    Chair   Cassandra Engeman (f)  
    Vice Chair   Kelvin Acheampong (m)   Rick Wicks (m)*
    Secretary   Kimberly Kane  
    Treasurer   Sheri Eklund  
    Counsel   Robert Houser  
    Member-at-Large 1   Beth Landry (nb)  
    Member-at-Large 2   Bill Borden (m)   Rick Wicks (m)*

    *Rick Wicks has withdrawn from all candidacies


    Password: dems

    Per our bylaws and Democratic Party rules, the Chair and Vice Chair must be of different gender, and the two members-at-large must also be of different gender. If a candidate is running for Member-at-Large, as well as Chair or Vice Chair, and is elected to the Chair or Vice Chair position, they will automatically withdraw from the Member-at-Large race.

    Click here for a blank ballot


    Under the leadership of the Chair, the Executive Committee is self-organizing and can distribute specific tasks between the members of the Executive Committee as it sees fit.

    Chair: The Chair leads the organization and is responsible for running the Executive Committee meetings. The role involves planning and overseeing of our activities. Chair has control over the bank account together with the Treasurer. The Chair also has a vote representing Democrats Abroad Sweden at global Democrats Abroad meetings and coordinates our activities with the global organization.

    Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair acts as a stand-in for the Chair, must be prepared to take over the Chair's role, and takes on various tasks as needed. The Vice-Chair is a signatory on the bank account. Like the Chair, the Vice-Chair also has a vote representing Democrats Abroad Sweden at global Democrats Abroad meetings.

    Note: Per DNC rules, the Chair and Vice-Chair must be of different gender.

    Secretary: The Secretary is our principal administrator. They oversee our documents and membership database, and ensure that minutes are taken at meetings. The Secretary is a signatory on the bank account.

    Treasurer: The Treasurer oversees our finances and fundraising to ensure we are in compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Along with the Chair, the Treasurer has control of the bank account.

    Counsel: The Counsel should be available for any potential legal questions. They also take on various projects and tasks, depending on what is needed and their skill set.

    Member-at-Large (2x): Members-at-Large have a vote representing Democrats Abroad Sweden at global Democrats Abroad meetings. They also take on various projects and tasks, depending on what is needed and their skill set.

    Note: Per DNC rules, the two members-at-large must be of different gender. 

    In addition to the above positions, each of the Chapter Chairs for also serves on the Executive Committee as an ex-officio member with full voting privileges. The Executive Committee also has a non-voting Communications Officer.


    1. Call to order;
    2. Election of meeting chair and secretary;
    3. Prepare and approve the voting list, confirm that a quorum is present;
    4. Approval of the agenda;
    5. Elect two persons to attest the minutes;
    6. Determination that the meeting has been duly called;
    7. Approval of the 2020 AGM minutes;
    8. Chair’s Report - Year in Review presentation; (Chapter reports will be available online)
    9. Treasurer’s Report and approval vote;
    10. Discharge Executive Committee from liability vote;
    11. Announcement of the results of the Executive Committee election;
    12. Statement(s) from new Chair and Executive Committee;
    13. Election of auditor; 
    14. Other business;
    15. Close of meeting.
    Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 06:00 PM Stockholm Time · 2 rsvps
    WebEx (online) in Göteborg, Sweden

    Taxes: Practical advice on FBAR and the 2020 IRS personal income-tax return

    Jennifer Cederwall of Cederwall's International Law Firm AB will offer practical guidance about filing FBAR and the 2020 IRS tax return. Check back on this space for further details!