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  • DPCA Global Meeting - Vote on 2024 Delegate Selection Plan



    Calling All DPCA Officers... to Vote On 2024 Delegate Selection Plan


    We are excited to announce that the DPCA will be convening a Global Meeting on

    Saturday, April 22, 2023 at 08:00 AM EDT (14:00 CET // 20:00 HKT // 22:00 AEST)!

    ❖ Roll Call 07:30 AM EDT ❖

    The DPCA voting body will vote on the approval of the 2024 Delegate Selection Plan.

    This will be held online via WebEx and is open to all DA members.

    During this meeting we will also vote to confirm our 2023 Global Annual General Meeting dates and location

    (announced as June 9-11, 2023, in Washington, D.C.).

    RSVP below!

    Connection details will be emailed to all Democrats Abroad member RSVP's closer to the meeting date.

    Every four years, the Democratic Party begins designing the Delegate Selection Rules and a resulting nominating process for the next presidential election.

    While the Rules drafting process begins anew after each Presidential election, many norms and traditions carry over, including a rule that lets some states hold their nominating contest early, which in 2024 will be South Carolina, Nevada & New Hampshire, Michigan, and Georgia.

    Democrats Abroad has worked hard at crafting our Delegate Selection Plan, which is the guiding document as we play our part in nominating our Party's 2024 nominees for President and Vice President of the United States.

    You can review a copy of our draft 2024 Delegate Selction Plan which was posted for public comment on our website on March 6, 2023, and submit your by writing to [email protected] through April 5, 2023.

    (Please include the page and line number your feedback refers to in your email. Thank you!)

    NOTICE: This meeting will be recorded, including audio, video, and any materials exchanged or viewed during the session.

    April 22, 2023 at 8:00am
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  • Presenting Candidates for the 2023-25 DA Sweden Executive Committee

    The following notice was emailed to members by the Nominations and Elections Committee on Feb. 23, 2023:

    The annual general meeting of Democrats Abroad (DA) Sweden is coming up soon: Sunday, 26 March. It is time to elect new and re-elect previous members to the executive committee for the 2023-2025 term. All persons on the executive committee serve on a purely volunteer basis for a two-year term.

    As of midnight Saturday, 18 February (the previously announced deadline for nominations), the nominations committee had received nominations for all positions. 

    Electronic ballots will be sent out latest by Wednesday 16 March (10 days prior to the Annual General Meeting). We thank all those who submitted their nominations and for being part of our own democratic process. We look forward to the voting process next month.

    Get to know the candidates by reading through their biographies and statements of candidacy, which are compiled in the following document

    Kelsey L. Martin, Secretary, DA Stockholm-Uppsala
    Chris Brandon, Secretary, DA Skåne
    Carry Cooper, Member, DA Western Sweden

  • Democrats Abroad Sweden - 2023 Annual General Meeting

    Democrats Abroad Sweden will be having its annual general meeting on Sunday, March 26, 2023 from 1:30pm-4:30pm online (WebEx) and in Stockholm. Please RSVP for the link and location. 

    We have had a banner year! Last November, we helped Democrats hold the Senate and held back an expected "red wave." At this year's annual general meeting, we will make plans to enliven our local chapters and find new ways to engage members. Please join us to be part of these plans -- and get to know your fellow Democrats abroad!

    Below is the day's schedule and the agenda for the annual general meeting. Please note that we will be electing all positions on our country's Executive Committee. These positions will be noticed separately by our nominations and elections committee, which will also distribute and collect ballots electronically for the election.


    **Remember the time change! Daylight Savings Time (sommartid) starts on the morning of the meeting.**

    Pre-meeting, in-person

    12:00                Doors open
    12:30-13:30     Taco lunch!

    Hybrid portion of meeting

    13:30-14:00     Welcome and introductions
    14:00-15:15     Annual General Meeting (see agenda below)
    15:15-15:30     Break/Fika
    15:30-16:15     Chapter Break-outs: Planning locally for impact from abroad
    16:15-16:30     Wrap-up and ending

    Annual General Meeting (AGM) Agenda

    1. Call to order
    2. Prepare and approve the voting list (roll-call) and quorum determination
    3. Approval of the agenda
    4. Elect two persons to attest the minutes
    5. Determination that the meeting has been duly called
    6. Reading and approval of the 2022 AGM minutes
    7. Chair's report (incl. Chapter reports)
    8. Treasurer's report
    9. Auditor's report
    10. Approval of the accounts and discharge Executive Committee from liability vote
    11. Nomination and approval of auditor for 2023 finances
    12. Proposed amendments to DA Sweden bylaws (view proposed changes)
    13. Announcement of election results for Sweden's Executive Committee positions
    14. Closing remarks and end-of-meeting

  • Kick-off the Summer with Us at Events in Gothenburg and Stockholm!

    Whether you're in the east, the west, or somewhere in between, come meet fellow Democrats Abroad at one of our two upcoming events!

    Ever wondered what the DNC actually is? Find out at our Western Sweden Chapter's June afterwork on the 28th from 6:00-7:00 pm. Meet us in person in Gothenburg at John Scott's Linnégatan or attend online. Click here for more information and to RSVP.

    Missing your usual Independence Day picnic in the States? Do we have the answer for you! The Stockholm-Uppsala Chapter is celebrating the day with an informal, family friendly picnic on July 2 in Stockholm. Grab your friends and family, something to drink, something to eat, and maybe something to sit on, and meet us at Tantolunden in Södermalm between 2:00 and 5:00 pm. Click here for more information and to RSVP.

    Stay-tuned for more events and volunteer opportunities. Events are announced at: www.democratsabroad.org/se_events. And feel free to reach out: [email protected]

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  • 2022 Democrats Abroad Sweden Annual General Meeting

    We will be having our annual general meeting on Saturday, February 5, 2022 from 1pm-4pm on WebEx

    Please RSVP here for the link.

    It is imperative that we mobilize and win in the mid-terms! In addition to our regular meeting, we will be making plans to help Americans register and vote. Democrats Abroad had a big impact in the 2020 elections, and we can do it again!

    Below is the day's schedule and the agenda for the annual general meeting. Please note that we will be electing a person to our Member-at-large position, which has been noticed separately by our nominations and elections committee.

    Read more

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