2022 Democrats Abroad Sweden Annual General Meeting

We will be having our annual general meeting on Saturday, February 5, 2022 from 1pm-4pm on WebEx

Please RSVP here for the link.

It is imperative that we mobilize and win in the mid-terms! In addition to our regular meeting, we will be making plans to help Americans register and vote. Democrats Abroad had a big impact in the 2020 elections, and we can do it again!

Below is the day's schedule and the agenda for the annual general meeting. Please note that we will be electing a person to our Member-at-large position, which has been noticed separately by our nominations and elections committee.

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Nominations open for DA Sweden member-at-large

The annual general meeting of Democrats Abroad (DA) Sweden is coming up soon: 5 February.

It is time to elect a member-at-large to the Executive Committee, to complete the 2021-2023 term of Beth Landry, who stepped down to become the DA Global Secretary. This is the only position we will be voting on. The two members-at-large on the Executive Committee have voting rights at the global DA level, along with the country chair and vice chair. All persons on the executive committee serve on a purely volunteer basis for a two-year term.

Are you or someone you know interested in being a part of our leadership team in Sweden? Are you ready to represent Democrats Abroad Sweden on a global level with your voice and your vote? This is your chance.

Thanks to our talented and dedicated team, Democrats Abroad Sweden consistently performs among the top DA countries. You’ll be a key part of our efforts here in Sweden and can get involved in shaping Democratic politics at the global level. Being a member of this leadership team is incredibly rewarding; you’ll be part of a vibrant, inclusive, global community of Democrats. The time commitment is relatively minimal (a couple hours per month) and the role largely -- voting rights aside -- what you make of it.

The annual general meeting will be held in Stockholm on Saturday, 5 February, an announcement about which will go out soon. The election of the member at large will be conducted via electronic vote before the meeting, and the results will be announced at the meeting.

The current Democrats Abroad Sweden executive committee:

  • Chair: Cassandra Engeman (2021-2023)
  • Vice Chair: Kelvin Acheampong (2021-2023)
  • Secretary: Kimberly Kane (2021-2023)
  • Treasurer: Sheri Eklund (2021-2023)
  • Counsel: Robert Houser (2021-2023)
  • Member-at-Large: Bill Borden (2021-2023)
  • Member-at-Large: Christina Davis (2021- ; appointed on a temporary basis until the coming annual general meeting)

Eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates must be verified members of Democrats Abroad Sweden.
  • As members of the executive committee with voting rights at the global DA level, the two members-at-large must be of differing gender. Because Bill Borden identifies as male, this means that any candidates to the open position must not identify as male. They may identify as female, gender neutral, gender fluid, etc.
  • If nominated by someone other than oneself, candidates must confirm their willingness to serve.
  • Nominations for office must be made in writing.

All nominations must be submitted at the latest by midnight on Saturday, 1 January 2022 (35 days before the election). Send nominations by email to [email protected].

Nominations must include the following:

  • name
  • short biography (max. 150 words)
  • statement of candidacy (max. 200 words)
  • gender identity

After candidates are announced, they will have the opportunity to present themselves via a short video message and also at a digital meet-the-candidates forum on Wednesday, 12 January.

Democrats Abroad Sweden Elects New Executive Committee at the 2021 Annual General Meeting

Democrats Abroad Sweden is proud to announce that our members have elected a new Executive Committee which will lead us through the 2022 midterm elections. 

At our 2021 Annual General Meeting on 24 April 2021, Democrats Abroad Sweden concluded the election of a new Executive Committee that will serve for the next two years. 

"It's been an honor to serve as Chair for the last four years. This fantastic team of dedicated volunteer organizers went above and beyond during a difficult time to ensure that we did our part to make the United States better. Thank you to everyone who organized, donated, and most importantly voted. But we can't let up now and I am so glad to see that our members have elected a wonderful new team to lead us through the 2022 midterm elections," said Alex Lange, Former Chair of Democrats Abroad Sweden. 

We're proud to announce that the following persons were elected:

  • Chair: Cassandra Engeman
  • Vice Chair: Kelvin Acheampong 
  • Secretary: Kimberly Kane
  • Treasurer: Sheri Eklund
  • Counsel: Rober Houser
  • Member-at-Large: Beth Landry
  • Member-at-Large: Bill Borden

In addition to those elected at the Annual General Meeting, the local chapters have also elected new leadership this year:

  • Stockholm-Uppsala Chair: Liz Clark Wessel
  • Stockholm-Uppsala Secretary: Kelsey LeGloahec Martin
  • Western Sweden Chair: Diane Larsson
  • Western Sweden Secretary: Joel Parthemore
  • Skåne Chair: Michael Kaplan
  • Skåne Secretary: Chris Brandon

Important 2020 Voting Information for US Voters in Sweden

Please read this whole message carefully, since it contains important information to help U.S. voters in Sweden vote this year.

Do you know when you'll be getting your ballot and how to return it? The 2020 presidential election is less than 50 days away. Don't delay!

Voting from abroad has in fact already begun. Some states have sent ballots to overseas voters already and all states will have done so by September 19. 

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Important April 2020 Updates from DA Sweden

A lot of important updates since the Democrats Abroad 2020 Global Presidential Primary are here:

📌 Coronavirus Crisis

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Sweden Executive Committee has decided to extend the period during which we will not be having in-person events until April 15th. We continue to assess the situation on an ongoing basis, and will let members know when we will be resuming in-person events. 

We are preparing a number of online/remote events, including for voter registration assistance, and are shifting our focus to outreach via social media and phone banking. 

📌 Voter Registration for 2020

Have you gone to yet to request your 2020 absentee ballot?
Don't wait - fill out your Federal Post Card Application form today!

📌 Democrats Abroad Delegates to the 2020 DNC - Applications Now Accepted!

During the week of August 17th, the Democrats Abroad delegation will join the other state party delegations at the Democratic National Convention to formally choose our nominee for President of the United States.

Any DA member is eligible to run, and the Affirmative Action Committee strongly emphasizes the importance of DA members from historically-underrepresented backgrounds to run as delegate candidates in showing the world the diversity of our Party and our members around the world.

Forms to declare delegates’ candidacy are now available online. Please fill it out as soon as possible and return it no later than April 17th.

Workshops with Democrats Abroad about becoming a 2020 DNC Delegate are happening on these dates next week:

📌 Earth Day 50th Anniversary Panel Discussion

On April 21st, the eve of the 50th Anniversary celebration of Earth Day, the Democrats Abroad Global Women's Caucus will present a virtual panel discussion on "Women and the Environment". Sign up to attend here.

📌 FAQs on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Safety (CARES) Act from the Democrats Abroad Taxation Tax Force

Democrats Abroad has received many hundreds of emails from members interested in understanding the provisions of the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, their eligibility for support and how and when they might receive it.

In order to prevent delays in our responses, the Democrats Abroad Taxation Tax Force has developed from member emails a FAQs document that aims to address the key concerns we have been hearing. The Taxation Task Force will continue to add to it as needed.

📌 Volunteer with Democrats Abroad Sweden

Did you know that Democrats Abroad is an entirely volunteer-run organization? That means everything we do to reach out to voters abroad is because of the dedication and commitment of our amazing volunteers.

Can you help take action with us?

No commitment is too small, and working together has collective power!


Beth Landry [They/Them]
Vice Chair, Democrats Abroad Sweden
[email protected]

Coronavirus Update from Democrats Abroad Sweden

Because of the ongoing outbreak of Covid-19 in Sweden, Democrats Abroad Sweden is canceling all events and gatherings through March 31. 

Right now, social distancing measures are some of the most effective ways for us all to help slow the spread of Covid-19 in Sweden so that the healthcare system does not get overwhelmed. That is why Democrats Abroad Sweden has decided to cancel all our events and gatherings for the time being. We will monitor the situation on an ongoing basis and will keep members informed regarding future events after March 31.

Since we will not be holding voter registration events in the near future, please consider completing your ballot request for the November election from home right now. Go to to get started. 


2020 Global Presidential Primary Voting Centers in Sweden


Don’t miss your chance to vote in-person in Sweden this presidential year! 

The Global Presidential Primary (GPP) is a week-long voting period -- kicking off on March 3, Super Tuesday! -- for Democrats Abroad members to participate in our official party-run presidential primary. We’re holding more than 240 events in 45 countries around the world. We hope you’ll be joining us!

To vote using a remote ballot via email or post, follow the instructions here: Please also scroll to the bottom of this page for information about our DA Sweden Ballot Assistance Events, as well as some of our Frequently Asked Questions about voting in the GPP.

We’re thrilled to announce event details for 9 Democrats Abroad Sweden Voting Centers.
Click on the dates below to go to the event pages for each Voting Center:


Tuesday, March 3
2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Saturday, March 7
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Thursday, March 5
4:30 PM to 7:00 PM


Sunday, March 8
12:00 PM to 3:00 PM


Tuesday, March 3
5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Saturday, March 7
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Friday, March 6
11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Saturday, March 7
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Thursday, March 5
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

We will also have 3 Ballot Assistance Events here in Sweden. Ballot Assistance Events are available for voters to receive help registering to vote, signing up to join Democrats Abroad, as well as ensuring their remotely-voted ballots have all the required information. There won't be a Ballot Box, but our volunteers will be ready to help you navigate the 2020 Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary in almost any other way!

Click below to go to the event pages for each Ballot Assistance Event:


Saturday, March 7
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Sunday, March 8
1:30 PM to 4:30 PM


Saturday, March 7
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Frequently Asked Questions you may have about the GPP:

"Am I eligible?"

If you’re a Democrats Abroad member and you haven’t voted (or plan to vote) in any other 2020 state presidential primary/caucus, you’re eligible to vote in the Global Presidential Primary.

"What if I can’t join a voting event in person?"
If you can’t join us at our events in Sweden, you can vote remotely. Look for your primary ballot in your inbox on February 18, or download it from starting on Feb 18, as well.

"Do votes in the GPP count? Why should I participate in the GPP instead of voting in my state’s presidential primary?"

Yes your vote counts! In fact, you could even say that votes in the GPP count even more. Tens of thousands of people will participate in the global primary, but millions will vote in your home state. That means that your vote in the Global Presidential Primary is more powerful than voting in the California primary. In fact, it’s 4 times more powerful!

"I vote in California. Can I vote in the Global Presidential Primary and the California primary?"

You can only vote in a presidential primary once. If you vote in the global primary and want to vote in California for the down-ballot primary races (like for your congressperson), you can! Just skip the presidential section on your California ballot.

"Where can I ask further questions?"
Please email [email protected] for voting-related questions, and for other questions.

P.S. Help us spread the word! Consider liking and sharing our social media posts about the GPP!


Beth Landry

Vice Chair, Democrats Abroad Sweden


Three Democrats Abroad Caucuses Launch in Sweden

This month, Democrats Abroad Sweden is proud to be officially launching three caucuses in Sweden – the Progressive Caucus, the Black Caucus, and the Women’s Caucus.

All three of these newly formed caucuses will have a significant amount of autonomy to pursue their missions independently and are supported by both the country Chair and Executive Committee. They are affiliated with their global counterparts and will participate in coordinated global efforts.

“We’re so excited to launch these three caucuses,” said Alex Lange, Chair of Democrats Abroad Sweden. “The caucuses are a great way for volunteers to get involved and to connect with the vast global networks of like-minded Democrats Abroad members. We recognize the intersectionality of the issues that they will be working to advance, so they are also strongly encouraged to collaborate with each other.”

Members can join any of the caucuses by logging in to their profile on and then visiting the dedicated caucus pages at It is also possible to join the caucuses not yet formed in Sweden, in which cases members will receive information from the global caucuses. Provided there is enough interest, such caucuses can still be formed in Sweden as well. Contact [email protected] for more information.

The newly formed caucuses each have a chair who leads their efforts in Sweden together with a steering committee of dedicated volunteers. Here is a brief introduction on each of the caucus chairs:

Progressive Caucus Sweden Chair: Jason Czarnezki

Jason Czarnezki

Email: [email protected]

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of the 2020 Democratic National Convention, Jason Czarnezki has been a longstanding member of the Democratic Party and committed to promoting progressive policies within the party. Jason's father Joe Czarnezki served in the Wisconsin State Legislature and was elected Milwaukee County Clerk. Jason has hosted fundraisers and was actively involved in state and local political campaigns in Wisconsin, Vermont and New York, as well as national profile races. As a member of Democrats Abroad, Jason hopes to help turn out the vote, increase engagement and membership in Sweden, and help with fundraising. Jason is the Kerlin Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law at Pace University and has lived in Stockholm since 2018. In 2020, Jason will be the Olof Palme Visiting Professor at Stockholm University. Jason received his undergraduate and law degrees from The University of Chicago.

Black Caucus Sweden Chair: Adrianne George

Adrianne George

Email: [email protected]

Adrianne George is a native of Washington, DC who moved to Sweden from Brussels in 2006. After founding the Halmstad Chapter of Democrats Abroad Sweden (now part of Western Sweden Chapter) she moved to Stockholm and joined the DA Sweden Steering Committee. She's served on Democrats Abroad's Nomination and Elections Committee 3 times, door knock committee, chaired DA Sweden's Nominations Committee, was Global Volunteer Coordinator, Global Caucus Coordinator and currently sits on the Affirmative Action Committee for the 2020 Delegate Selection Plan.

She is a 2016 - 2020 Democratic National Committee member, marketing communications consultant, multiple award-winning blogger and freelance writer. In addition to travel, Adrianne enjoys knitting, quilting, Yoga, reading, cooking, self-love & self-care and being in the company of interesting people. She is the immediate past President of the American Women's Club Stockholm.

Women’s Caucus Sweden Chair: Sarah Thomsen

Sarah Thomsen

Email: [email protected]

Sarah Thomsen hails from Fremont, California but has lived in Sweden for almost half her life. She has been a member of Democrats Abroad Sweden since 1998 and was the Chair of the Stockholm chapter from 2017-2019. She is currently on the steering committee of the Global Women's Caucus Reproductive Rights Task Team. Sarah has dedicated most of her life to promoting and defending everyone's right to decide over their own bodies. In graduate school at University of Michigan in the 1990's she was a founding member of a local chapter of the National Women's Political Caucus, a PAC that worked to get women with pro-women policies to run for office. She has published over 30 peer-reviewed articles on HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health and is currently a Senior Policy Advisor in health and sexual and reproductive health and rights at Sida's Africa Department and an Associate Professor in International Health at Karolinska Institutet. In January 2018, she had the privilege and honor to address the Women's March in Stockholm on behalf of Democrats Abroad. In her free time, Sarah sings in a rhythm and blues band called "Moodswing" and spends time with her bonus family consisting of a husband, 4 kids from 12-19 and 2 cats.


UPDATE: DA Sweden's AGM & Participation in the DA Global Meeting. Sign Up to be a Volunteer Today!

The past few months have been a flurry of events for Democrats Abroad Sweden, and Democrats Abroad as a global organization. Hang on to your seats, there’s a lot of important content here to share!

On May 4th, DA Sweden held our 2019 Annual General Meeting in Stockholm. At the meeting, we held our biennial Executive Committee elections and the Stockholm Chapter elected new leadership.

For DA Sweden's updated Bylaws, click HERE.

Here’s the new team that is dedicated to leading us through the decisive 2020 elections and beyond!

  • Chair: Alex Lange*
  • Vice Chair: Beth Landry*
  • Secretary: Jeffrey Cheng
  • Treasurer: Sheri Eklund
  • Counsel: Bayo Callender
  • Member-at-Large: Liz Clark Wessel*
  • Member-at-Large: Max Otterman*
  • Communications Officer: Suzanne Samuels
  • Stockholm-Uppsala Chair: Christina Davis
  • Western Sweden Chair: Rose Shaber-Twedt
  • Skåne Chair: Alexander Arcelay

*These representatives are both Democrats Abroad Sweden Executive Committee members and DPCA Voting Representatives

Most recently, from May 17-20th, the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA), our governing body, held our 2019 Global Meeting in Washington, DC, where we gathered in person (and remotely!) from all over the world to deliberate many important items of business. These included Resolutions, Charter Bylaws Amendments, and holding our International Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA) office elections. We also heard from a number of the presidential candidate hopefuls.

Sweden's own Jeffrey Cheng was re-elected to the office of International Secretary, and we are proud to acknowledge all of the hard work he has contributed in several capacities!

Important Global Elections:

Photo credit: Democrats Abroad








Our Democrats Abroad International Executive Committee team that will lead us until 2021 is:

  • International Chair: Julia Bryan -- Czech Republic
  • International Vice Chair: Alex Montgomery -- Hong Kong
  • International Treasurer: Lissette Wright -- Canada
  • International Secretary: Jeffrey Cheng -- Sweden
  • International Legal Counsel: Joe Smallhoover -- France
  • Americas Regional Vice Chair: Kathy Rothschild -- Costa Rica
  • Asia Pacific Regional Vice Chair: Kat Allikian -- New Zealand
  • Europe Middle East and Africa Regional Vice Chair: Will Bakker -- Luxembourg

Lastly, we voted on the location for the 2020 DPCA Global Convention. Congratulations to Democrats Abroad Canada, who will be hosting next year in Toronto! Stay tuned for more information on how to participate.

Resolutions & Bylaws of the DPCA:

Together as a body, we deliberated and voted on several Resolutions and Democrats Abroad Amendments. An important win for these was the Resolution to Endorse Medicare for All.

Invited Speakers to DPCA:

Throughout the Global Meeting, several Presidential candidates as well as notable speakers presented themselves to us, both in person and through submitted videos. Presidential candidates who spoke to us included: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, author Marianne Williamson, Andrew Yang, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Cory Booker, and former Rep. John Delaney. Other presenters included Sen. Doug Jones, DNC CEO Seema Nanda, DNC VC Jason Rae, DLCC Josh Handelman, ASDC Chair Ken Martin, and Liz Jaff. Some of these videos can be found here.

Global Reports:

During our meeting, presentations regarding the crucial and diligent work were presented from Global Committees and Caucuses, including the Chair/Vice Chair/Treasurer/Secretary Reports, Global Caucuses, the Global IT Team, and more.

DC Door Knocking: 

Photo Credit: Sam Wong/Jeffrey Cheng

For those present in Washington, DC for our Global meeting, many stayed on afterwards to advocate for Democrats Abroad in Congress door-knocking on Capitol Hill. It is important to us that we bring issues that impact millions of overseas voters to the front, and our door knocking teams visited several offices to make that possible in-person.

For more information about matters relating to our Global meeting, check out the Washington, DC DPCA Global Meeting 2019 Wiki Page. 

Although I, as a former resident of Maryland and intrepid Washington, DC advocate, wished I could have attended this meeting in person, it was self-evident watching remotely how hard many worked to make this event a success and how much time and dedication was committed to all of the different segments presented for attendees both locally and abroad. So many of both our newly-appointed and seasoned champions made the time to attend and see to fruition our ambitious goals.


And now, what can we as Democrats Abroad in Sweden do?

The 2020 election is going to be the most important election of our lifetime. All across Sweden, we must now rise to the challenge ensuring Democratic wins all across the United States.

In 2018, Democrats Abroad had the numbers globally to make or break elections in several elections. Despite not residing within the contiguous United States, our collective voices pushed several elections to victory.

We matter, and the input of 9 million Democrats Abroad makes a difference.

If you will rise to the challenge with us, here’s what actions you can take:

Are you interested in one or more of these?

Go to our Volunteer sign-up page and tell us how you'd like to take action.

Can’t commit your time? Consider making a donation to help us register voters, host phone banks, advocate for you in Congress, and the many ways we are working to ensure our Democratic Candidates win in 2020 and beyond.

Check out our Facebook pages and groups to keep in touch via social media!

For those of you who have been involved with us already, we are tremendously grateful and we value every moment and resource you share. If you have not yet had the opportunity to do so, our all-volunteer team is waiting to welcome you to our Democrats Abroad Sweden family. Any idea that you have, any hour that you can give, or any dollar that you can donate literally propels us forward towards a more fair and representative democracy. The call to action is now, and we hope you’ll join us in the fight.


Yours in solidarity,

Beth Landry, RN


Vice Chair, Democrats Abroad Sweden


DA Sweden 2019 AGM and Election

DA Sweden members are cordially invited to join the 2019 Annual General Meeting. More details are available at the event link:


The Nominations and Elections Committee has also posted the candidates for our 2019-2021 executive committee.

Ballots are also now live, and voting is open from April 19 - May 3, 2019.

Candidate statements and ballot link have been emailed to all DA Sweden Members, you can also find these on the AGM event page linked above.

During the 2019 AGM, we will also be announcing the results of the election.