DA Sweden Chair Alexander Lange on Sverige Radio

Did you miss the broadcast of Radiokorrespondenterna? Listen to the recording of  Chair Alexander Lange as he joined P1 to talk about the future of the Democratic Party and what we're doing to get organized at the grassroots, even here in Sweden. Program is in Swedish.

New Wiki Page and Resources for DA Sweden

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Trump Does Not Determine What America Stands For


This is an English-language version of an op-ed article originally published in Swedish on To read the original, click here

There may be nothing more American than the debate about what the United States stands for. The country has had its share of flaws, while also continuing on a remarkable path of long-term progress. That progress has often been a struggle and suffered deep setbacks, like those we are experiencing just a month into the Trump administration. But we have regrouped and begun to organize to defend liberal democracy and our values.

The setbacks remind us that progress is not inevitable, and does not just happen naturally. Instead, progress is actively built by involved citizens, both by those in the United States and also by the millions of Americans who live abroad, many of them here in Sweden.

At the ballot box, through civil society, and by organizing politically, Americans are engaged in what President Barack Obama called the “hard and frustrating and necessary work of self-government”. Since Donald Trump’s election victory, in which he lost the popular vote by more than 2.8 million votes, we have seen the sheer power of what happens when the American civil society kicks into action to protect liberal democracy.

Organizations dedicated to protecting civil rights in the United States like the American Civil Liberties Union have raised unprecedented funds, while millions have demonstrated for what they believe in, and become engaged in the political process. Democrats Abroad, the official overseas arm of the Democratic Party, has signed up thousands of new members and volunteers, including here in Sweden. 

Demo_Press.jpgOn the day after Trump’s inauguration, more than 150 members of Democrats Abroad demonstrated on Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm (Photo: Democrats Abroad Sweden)

Trump’s ban on travel from a number of Muslim majority countries is unconstitutional and contrary to international law. Because it was originally conceived as a ban on all people of one of the world’s major religions, it is also deeply un-American. Even though it has now been halted by the courts, the Trump administration continues to defend it on the spurious grounds that it will keep the country safe. Now he has announced that he wants to deport millions of migrants, even those who have already become an integral part of American society.

We refuse to simply accept that. On the day after Trump’s inauguration, more than 150 members of Democrats Abroad demonstrated on Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. When the travel ban was announced, many Americans in Sweden sprang into action. Democrats Abroad volunteers lined up to say they were ready to help those affected, and others went to work organizing legal support, lighting up the phone lines of their elected representatives, and recruiting friends and family to find ways to fight back. Similar stories have poured in from around the world.

That is how Donald Trump’s vision of America will be resisted. But the way we will turn the country toward progress again is through the electoral process, beginning with the midterm elections in 2018. That is why right now Democrats Abroad is organizing citizens and dual-citizens who live in Sweden to help them register to vote, get engaged with the political process, and shape the future of the Democratic Party.

Trump does not determine what America stands for. We will continue to fight for an America that is open, tolerant, and just. Nothing is more American than that.

By Alex Lange, Democrats Abroad Sweden, Stockholm Chapter Chair

Democrats Abroad Sweden Executive Committee Candidate Statements and Bylaws Amendments

Please join us for the Democrats Abroad Sweden Annual General Meeting in Stockholm on Saturday, March 25, 2017.

Below you will find the Candidate Statements for DAS Executive Committee Candidates and Proposed Bylaws Amendments. 


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The Democrats Abroad Sweden AGM

For members who want to join the Democrats Abroad Sweden Annual General Meeting:
The survey has been concluded and the AGM will be held on March 25, 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Thank you for helping decide the venue city and date. Please keep an eye on your email for event rsvp information.
If you are not already a member, or you have deleted your membership, you can join at

Democrats Abroad Sweden Welcomes Vice President Joe Biden to Sweden

Democrats Abroad Sweden officially welcomes Vice President Joe Biden on his visit to Sweden and thanks him for his service as a United States Senator from Delaware for 36 years and as our Vice President for the past 8 years. His foreign policy expertise and tireless advocacy for every day Americans, wherever they live, has left an exceptional legacy of progress that will stay with us for years to come.

Vice President Biden understands that change is hard work and has stood by President Barack Obama every step of the way. The Vice President's achievements are many and include working to address gun violence, advancing LGBTQ rights, strengthening the middle class, passing and further improving the Violence Against Women Act, and providing an effective voice for the United States in the world.

The Vice President's willingness to tackle pressing global issues on his trip to Sweden, Latvia, and Turkey, such as re-affirming America's commitment to our NATO allies, and finding solutions to the refugee crisis, demonstrates that he is not slowing down.

Democrats Abroad is working hard to protect Vice President Biden's legacy of progress by helping turn out the overseas vote for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, as well as Democratic candidates across the United States at all levels of government.

To register and request you ballot, visit our dedicated online tool at

The Global Convention

Democrats Abroad Sweden was well represented at the Global Convention in Berlin .  In attendance were DAS Chair DeeDee Gierow, , Adrianne George, Rick Wicks, Eero Carroll and  Secretary of the Stockholm chapter, Jeffrey Cheng.  DAS Vice Chair Kevin Rowland and Chair of the Western Sweden chapter, Kim McKay were present via webex. Adrianne was elected to the DNC and Jeffrey will be going to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia as a Page. What a great team!!



Democrats Abroad Sweden AGM April 16, 2016

2016_sweden_agm.jpgOn the 16th of April Democrats Abroad Sweden held its AGM in Stockholm.

The day started  with a guided tour of the Vasa Museum, followed by the AGM, and ending with dinner at Ciao Ciao Grande.

We had an outstanding turn out for the meeting and 23 people at the dinner. A special thanks to all our members who attended and made this such a special Day!!

Rock The Vote

Democrats Abroad Sweden participated in the Rock the Vote event sponsored by the Hard Rock Cafe, The American Club of Sweden and the US Embassy. Ryan Roxie of Alice Cooper and Greg Poehler of Welcome to Sweden fame were the evenings special guests.  Approximately 80 people registered to vote including many first timers. A special thanks to our DA Sweden volunteers who made the evening a resounding success!

Pictured below our outstanding Communications director Suzanne and Ryan Roxie


Global Presidential Primary


Welcome to the Democrats Abroad Presidential  Primary

You can vote in person at these locations:

Stockholm:   Tully's Coffee,  Götgatan 42, 11826 Stockholm

Thursday, March 3rd from 17:00 to 20:00

Saturday, March 5th from 12:00 to 17:00

Gothenburg:  Starbucks at Central station

Tuesday, March 1st from 15:00 to 19:00

Sunday, March 6th from 14:00 to 18:00

Halmstad:  Halmstad Central Library, Klarasalon, Axel Olsons gata, 30227 Halmstad

Wednesday, March 2nd from 16:30 to 19:30

Uddevalla:  Uddevalla Rådhuset, Kungsgatan 25-29 (on the square) Uddevalla

Saturday , March 5th, from 11:00 to 15:00