The Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force (TTF) was formed to 1) research U.S. tax policy as it affects Americans living outside the U.S. and 2) consider, develop and execute initiatives aimed at enacting reforms that resolve adverse impacts.

    We undertake research-based advocacy to describe the problems U.S. taxation causes Americans abroad and support our reform recommendations.  Our latest research on the tax filing and financial account reporting experience of Americans abroad was published in March 2019.  Click here to download the report.

    Democrats Abroad has published a "laundry list" of tax code provisions that discriminate against Americans abroad - with accompanying reform recommendations on how to fix them.  The list is here.

    We fear Congress is too divided to find remedies for each of the many and myriad tax problems we have identified.  But we are determined to demand it of them.

    We are committed to Residency Based Taxation as a remedy, requiring little effort by Congress, that addresses the vast majority of the tax problems faced by Americans abroad.

    Further, we will continue to promote:

    • the elimination of FATCA reporting for the accounts of Americans abroad,
    • the repeal of the Windfall Elimination Provision,
    • an exemption for American business owners abroad from the transition taxes in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and
    • a citizenship remedy for "accidental Americans".

    We support tax reforms that help reduce inequality, boost opportunity for all Americans and raise enough revenue, predominantly from those with the greatest ability to pay, to meet public needs.

    Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force
    [email protected]

    DA Taxation Leadership:

    Rebecca Lammers
    | Chair Taxation Task Force, DAUK DPCA Rep
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    TTF To Visit Washington DC Next Week

    The Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force will be meeting with Congressional Leaders in Washington DC next week to discuss tax advocacy priorities including but not limited to residency based taxation, simplified filing, FATCA reform, and GILTI.

    The team is currently very busy confirming meetings and preparing for the visit.

    Many offices are not doing in-person meetings due to COVID, and so virtual meetings are being scheduled for the week of June 13.

    A summary of progress made during this concentrated effort of tax advocacy will be shared later in June.



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    Statement from the Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force on the DA Global meeting on May 21-22

    Democrats Abroad hosted its annual global meeting on May 21-22. On the agenda, Saturday was allocated for presentations focused on mobilizing the overseas vote in this critical midterm election year, while Sunday's agenda focused on internal business.

    3 hours of the Sunday internal business agenda included voting on resolutions and charter amendments.

    The DA charter amendments are updates and changes made to the document that outlines the rules that DA follows as an organization. There were 8 on the agenda to be voted on.

    DA resolutions are broadly, statements made regarding policy and positions where DA stands as an organization. There were 11 on the agenda to be voted on.

    On Sunday, 5 non-controversial resolutions were voted on as a package as the first agenda item in the 3 hour period, in an attempt to save time. All 5 of these resolutions passed.

    The remaining amount of time on Sunday was spent discussing one particular resolution to create a Special Committee on FEC compliance for Democrats Abroad. This resolution was deemed controversial, hence why so much time was taken to discuss and vote on this particular resolution. The FATCA repeal resolution was on the agenda to be discussed and voted on after the FEC resolution.

    With 1 hour remaining, a motion was made to extend the meeting by 2 hours, but the motion failed. The DPCA accomplished voting on and passing the FEC resolution. Given that time was not extended, the remaining resolutions and none of the Charter Amendments were voted on during the meeting this year.

    It is a grave disappointment that the DPCA voting body did not have an opportunity to debate or vote on updating it's position on FATCA. Given the information that has come to light over recent months, it is clear that at the very least a discussion on FATCA is needed to review DA's current position of FATCA reform.

    The TTF plans to submit the resolution at the next global meeting, which currently does not have a date set.

    For those DA members that are disappointed that DA did not vote on the FATCA resolution last weekend you can email [email protected] and request that your email is forwarded to:

    • Your Country Chair
    • Your Country DPCA Representatives
    • Your Regional Vice Chair
    • The DA Global Executive Committee
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    Upcoming Events

    Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 06:30 PM Time · $7.50 USD · 52 rsvps
    Zoom in Zoom, United Kingdom

    DAUK Tax Committee Presents: Retirement Planning

    Join Democrats Abroad UK's Tax Committee for this special webinar to discuss retirement planning for Americans living in the UK. The aim of this event is to address commonly asked retirement planning questions such as:

    • Should I put money into my UK employer pension?
    • How can I tax-efficiently save and invest for my retirement as a US citizen in the UK?
    • Do I have to pay tax on my social security?

    This event is for you if:

    • you just moved to the UK from the US and you're unsure how to plan for your future
    • you've lived abroad for decades but not sure where to start
    • you're concerned about the US/UK tax implications of retirement planning, or
    • you already know a lot but you just want a straightforward answer for a specific issue



    • 6:30pm Introductions
    • 6:40pm Panel Discussion
    • 7:00pm Q&A
    • 7:30pm End

    Attendees are asked to please pre-submit any questions by emailing [email protected]. The more questions we get in advance, the better we can prepare and shape the program around the things you want to learn about the most!

    The fine print:

    • No refunds are available.
    • We can't guarantee we will be able to answer all questions submitted before, during, or after the event, but we will try to answer as many questions as possible.
    • This event is closed to the press.

    If you are unable to attend this event you can buy a recording ticket. Please email [email protected] to be added to the mailing list to keep up to date with the actions and upcoming events from the DAUK Tax Committee.

    Disclaimer: DAUK cannot provide individual tax advice. We are not tax lawyers, accountants or advisers. Please consult a professional tax adviser/accountant/return preparer when addressing your personal tax matters.

    We recommend the ACA Tax Return Preparer Directory to find a service provider who meets your needs and budget, though buyers need always beware. Democrats Abroad suggests Americans abroad in need of tax advice consult the ACA Tax Return Preparer Directory to find an advisor or tax return preparer near you or providing online services:

    Tuesday, July 05, 2022 at 06:00 PM Time · 2 rsvps
    Zoom in Washington, DC

    DA Taxation Task Force Volunteer Info Session


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    Are you passionate about American abroad tax issues and have the skills or time to help?
    The DA Taxation Task Force is hosting this volunteer information session to explain what's involved in being a volunteer and to answer any questions you might have about volunteering. Click here for an outline of volunteering opportunities for the TTF.

    The DA TTF is a group of dedicated volunteers working towards fixing the tax code for Americans living abroad.

    We have a number of volunteer positions available, from people with no experience who want to help out with social media, to subject matter experts that can help us lobby Congress - everyone and anyone is welcome to contribute!

    Once you attend the info session, we encourage you to complete this application to the best of your ability. You will then be invited to a follow-up one-to-one 30 minute Zoom call to figure out which teams you fit into and to get you started.

    Note: Attending an info session is optional, you do not need to attend to express interest in volunteering. Feel free to go ahead and fill in the application form here.

    You can also express interest in volunteering by emailing [email protected] and including as much information as possible about your background and how you think you can help.

    Please feel free to forward this event page to friends or family that you think might be interested in getting involved!