A 2022 Update on Tax and Financial Access Issues of Americans Abroad

The Tax Survey of Americans Abroad was open for responses in April 2022. It was designed to collect up-to-date information on how Americans living outside the U.S. experience U.S. taxation and financial access. The report analyzed the survey responses and presents our findings.


Report one page summary (pdf)

2 page executive summary (pdf)

Download the full report (pdf)

View interactive data graphics here (website)

The 3 most important things you can do to help resolve the tax problems for Americans abroad

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Have you been impacted by Americans abroad tax and financial access issues and you'd like help?

We want to hear your stories. Click here to tell us about the problems you've experienced. We especially want to hear from you if you've experienced any of the following problems:

  • Were unfairly double taxed on your income
  • Had a bank account closed on you for being a U.S. citizen in your country of residence
  • Refused to open or had a bank account closed in the U.S. due to not having a U.S. address
  • Asked to return the 2021 Child Tax Credit
  • Have been hit by the GILTI tax and/or Transition tax as a business owner

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