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The Taxation Task Force is seeking volunteers to help in our mission of advocating for change in the impact of U.S. tax laws on overseas Americans. You can apply for any of the roles listed below or express general interest by filling in this form. Please see below for specific roles we are urgently seeking to fill.

You don’t have to be a tax expert to help; we need people with a wide range of skills and interests. The time commitment varies from ad hoc grassroots advocacy to roles which may require several hours per week. The only requirement is that you must be a U.S. citizen, and be signed up as a member of Democrats Abroad (membership is free).

Once you've decided you'd like to volunteer for the Taxation Task Force, please click here to fill in this form so we can get a better sense of your strengths, interests, and time availability. After you've filled in the form, you'll be invited to a call to discuss next steps. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email the team on [email protected].

If you're not sure if you'd like to volunteer and feel like you need more information before submitting interest in joining, you can join one of our monthly volunteer info sessions. Click here to view when the next volunteer info session is taking place.


Grassroots Lead - Critical leadership role to organize and structure a program for Americans abroad to make their voices heard in Congress.  Grouping volunteers by voting constituency so that they can begin to develop relationships with their congressional representatives and the tax policy leads in their offices.  This will facilitate our congressional outreach program around specific policy recommendations.  We also want to organize our members to amplify our messaging on social media. 

Internal Communications Liaison - Supporting communication efforts with the broader DA organization, by representing the Taxation Task Force with formal communications such as newsletter articles, as well as informal networking with regional and country leadership.  Attending EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Americas regional monthly meetings to ensure tax updates are shared at the regional level.

Events Coordinator - Organizing global tax webinars and providing support to country chapters in planning tax-related events.  Representing the Taxation Task Force by attending annual country general meetings (AGMs).

Volunteer Coordinator - We have many people who want to volunteer for the Taxation Task Force, and we need someone to help with welcoming and onboarding new volunteers.  Touching base with them to understand their interests and skills, and getting them started.  Similarly, doing periodic outreach to those who are signed up as volunteers but have not recently been active, so that we can keep them engaged in grassroots or other activities. 

Congressional Watchdog - Keeping an eye on upcoming tax legislation and identifying any opportunities for advocacy or issues that might impact Americans abroad.  This would be done both by staying current on news, as well as by establishing and monitoring alerts on and the websites of key congressional committees. 

Admin Support - Help with organizing documents, meeting notes, meeting recordings, etc..  DA maintains an online central “Wiki” for maintaining official documents that are relevant to the wider DA organization, so the Taxation Task Force needs someone to help organize and upload its submissions in a sensible way.

Graphic Designer - We already have a few people helping to design graphics for social media and events, but we need a few more people to round out the team. Congressional hearings and letters for comment can happen quickly with a maximum of a week’s notice, we need a pool or people who can create images for use on social media to help spread the word and raise awareness given the often short deadlines. Ideally we would also like you to keep in touch with the DA Global Graphic Design team to stay up to date on logo and organization brand guidelines.

Press & Media Coordinator - Someone to liaise with journalists, raise awareness of tax problems Americans abroad face, pitch stories, draft letter to the editors or op-eds. The focus would be on press in America, but often there are stories from press around the world that take interest in the American tax system which we want to use to raise awareness of the issues to Americans abroad too. Ideally, you’ve had experience in working with the press before or have had success in getting letter to the editors published.

Campaigns Coordinator - Short-term commitment to start November 2023 and ends September 2024.  Contacting congressional candidates, typically via e-mail.  We already have a number of people interested in helping with this, and are seeking someone to take the lead.  The coordinator would be expected to monitor state primary dates and coordinate the outreach by our volunteers.