2022 Midterms

As part of our ongoing effort to engage Americans abroad in voting in U.S. elections, we have reached out to Democratic candidates to hear where they stand on American abroad issues.

Click on the race below to see the list of candidates running on your ballot paper and their answers to questions we asked them on taxation, Medicare portability, and the Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision.


Illinois 7th District

New York 10th District

New York 12th District

New York 16th District

New York 22nd District



If you are looking for answers to these questions for House or Senate Democratic candidates appearing on your ballot paper, but your state or district isn't listed, it means that we've either not received an answer or we've not reached out to the candidates yet. We have a small group of volunteers assisting with contacting candidates but not enough people to reach all the House and Senate races like we'd like to! If you'd like to help us get answers from candidates please contact us on [email protected] to lend a hand. It's super easy and a great exercise in democracy!