Candidates 2023


State Supreme Court General Election on Nov 7th

Did you know that 2023 is an election year in PA? One of the most important positions in the state, a Supreme Court seat, is on the ballot this year.

How does the State Supreme Court affect you?

With the US Supreme Court refusing to defend voting rights, reproductive rights and other freedoms, state Supreme Courts have become critical battlegrounds.

In a state like PA, where the Supreme Court there threw out an extremely gerrymandered Congressional map in 2018 and stepped in to prevent a Republican attempt to overturn the election results in 2020, the decisions made in these courts can affect the trajectory of the entire country!

Wisconsin’s state Supreme Court election earlier this month broke records in spending and turnout, because voters understand that in an era where our basic rights are increasingly determined by what side of a state border we live on, all races are must-wins. Democrats are on defense in this election, looking to fill a vacancy left by the passing of Supreme Court Justice Max Baer last fall.

The last state Supreme Court election in 2021 was lost by less than a percentage point. Too much is on the line for us to lose another!



Philadelphia-based Judge Dan McCaffery won the primary for  the State Supreme Court race.

Judge Timika Lane of Philadelphia and Jill Beck of Pittsburgh won the primary for Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Judge Matt Wolf of Philadelphia won the primary for Commonwealth Court of PA.

Democrat Heather Boyd won the special election for PA House District 163 in Delware County, solidifying Democrats’ hold on the PA House 102-101.

Municipal primaries were held across the state for a variety of races including for mayors. Philadelphia’s primary was won by Cherelle Parker, a former PA State Rep and City Council member who, if elected in November as expected, will become the city’s first female mayor.