DPCA Voting Rep, Switzerland

Although I was raised in a conservative catholic household in eastern Washington State, I differed from my parents’ ideologies, and I experienced a stark political transformation in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. I have been a Democratic voter ever since I was able to. I am a staunch progressive, but I believe strongly in the big tent nature of Democratic Party, and I hope that people of all backgrounds and ideologies join in fighting for issues that affect Americans both at home and abroad. Currently, I am a PhD student at ETH Zürich in Pathogen Ecology. I believe strongly in fact-based policy solutions to tackle the issues facing our country. I am a strong advocate for scientific research and making science more accessible. As a descendent of the Klamath tribe in Southern Oregon, I have advocated for the rights of indigenous people in face of the continuing assault on our rights, land, and culture. I look forward to working with people from all backgrounds in my position as chair of the Zürich chapter of Democrats Abroad and as a DPCA voting representative. I hope to elevate people to ensure that we hear from all the voices that make up our party and our chapter. I believe that in the United States of America neither your zip code nor what you look like should determine your fate. I firmly believe that our diversity is our strength. I strongly encourage Americans living abroad to join us as we work together to make a positive impact from overseas.

You can email me at [email protected].