February 20, 2021

2021 Candidates for Avignon Chapter Elections

The Avignon Election Board is pleased to announce the candidates for Avignon Chapter Chair and Vice Chair. All members of DA France living in the the Avignon Chapter area will receive a ballot by email -- voting will end on March 6 at 2PM. For questions please contact the Avignon Election Board Catherine Tate (Chair), Elaine Garcin, Ellen Pumo, and Charles Jarworski at [email protected].

Candidate for Avignon Chapter Chair


I have been Chair of the DA-Avignon chapter for two momentous years, and would like to go on for another  term. Why? I want to continue the push for a ‘Blue Wave’...to ´discover’ and enroll Americans abroad,  ensure they are informed, and to encourage them to vote.  

In so many contests absentee ballots, many from DA members, make the difference.  During these last two years Democrats secured the WH and slim majorities in Congress. And while results  are mixed at State & Local levels, we made progress. But we need to do more. As a former HR Executive  with international experience, I believe I have the insight and experience to get things done. I’ve lived  nearly 40 years in Europe: Holland, Switzerland, and now retired in France. I’ve learned much and I want  to contribute.  

So, while safety concerns have constrained our ability to gather (nearly all activities are online) it has not  eliminated the need to connect. We will meet again. I ask for your support to continue as DA Chair of the  Avignon Chapter.  

Candidate for Avignon Chapter Secretary  


I have eight years of chapter leadership experience: two consecutive terms (2012-16) as chair and two  terms (2016-20) as vice-chair. I first became a member of the Avignon chapter when it first started in 2004.  I’ve resided in Avignon for more than 30 years, enjoying the cuisine, sun, and cycling.  

Professionally I’m a physicist for the environment and worked for NASA (Skylab Mission) and taught  physics at the university level. Here in France, I continue to give presentations at universities and schools 

on green living and renewable energy. I am also an Ambassador for Enercoop, France’s best-rated  renewable energy utility.  

During my tenures, our membership tripled through monthly events, and during the presidential and  congressional campaigns our ballot arrivals scored an 80 percent success rate, a high point for DAF. Our  4-step process for this success is now standard practice for DA chapters worldwide. Another first was  getting a local cinema to advertise our chapter on-screen at low cost. Two years ago, I helped start a new  DA chapter in Montpellier, where there are now 154 members and growing. I ask for your vote.