GBC Video Script

Information for video participants.


My name is (first name only)

I live in __________ (city and country or just country)

My home state is _____
I vote in _______

I’m voting in 2020 because (complete this sentence with one phrase you care deeply about)
Here are a few ideas:

  • Climate change is a world problem and the US needs to be part of the solution
  • Access to healthcare is a human right.
  • We need to have a green new deal
  • Gerrymandering in Voting districts needs to end
  • Higher education should be free for everyone
  • All of America’s children all deserve adequate nutrition, nurturing, healthcare, education, and opportunities regardless of gender, race, background, or zip code.
  • The goal of the prison system should be to rehabilitate prisoners so they can integrate into their communities when released.
  • We need to prevent and treat substance abuse, not send people into a life of incarceration and poverty.
  • Sensible gun laws need to be established.
  • Veterans should not be homeless
  • Citizens United needs to be abolished to keep dark money and corporations out of our politics.
  • I want to leave a better world for my children
  • We need to restore voter protection and stop discrimination against minority communities.

I’ve requested my absentee ballot. Have You? Or Request your absentee ballot today

Go to Vote From Abroad dot org



Extras to consider adding:

  • Your vote counts. Votes from abroad make the difference in elections every year.
  • The votefromabroad team is ready to help you with any questions you have.
  •  You can vote back in the US using the address where you last lived, even if you are no longer connected to that address.
  • Americans abroad need to request a ballot every calendar year they'd like to vote in. 

Filming guidelines:

  • Choose a quiet location
  • Check your look
  • Check your lighting. If you are shooting from your laptop or desktop putting a light behind the camera and slightly above will reduce shadowing.
  • Rehearse what you want to say out loud
  • Shoot your video in Landscape format ( we must have it in this format for conformity)
  • Position your camera or phone at eye level or slightly above.
  • Center yourself in the middle of the shot
  • Hold your chin slightly upward and speak directly into the camera.
  • Look at the camera - if you make a mistake, pause, and say the line again. We will edit the best line in.
  • Leave about 2 seconds between each sentence to allow the editing room.
  • Speak clearly and passionately
  • Ask a family member to film you is possible
  • Have Fun!!

Where to send video:

Send your videos with to [email protected]

or send a link to an Apple or Google shared file

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]