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    A Year of Trump

    A Year in Trumpland, USA

    Donald Trump was elected on the promise to change the face of American politics and bring power back to the people. The nation today is today divided and more polarized than ever before. While looking back on 2017, what can we predict for American politics in 2018?

    Moderated by Jean-Pierre LaRochelle of “Political Forum.”


    Hall Gardner

    Professor of International Politics at the American University of Paris and author of the forthcoming book, World War Trump: The Risks of America's New Nationalism.

    Christopher Dickey

    Paris-based world news editor for The Daily Beast and renowned foreign correspondent, author and television political commentator.

    Anne Deysine

    Law professor and expert on the US Supreme Court. How far will Trump’s appointments of conservative Federal judges take us?

    Joe Smallhoover

    Chair of Democrats Abroad France, and former international Chair.

                                         RSVP’s are imperative. Please bring ID for security at the University door.

    January 22, 2018 at 7pm
    American University of Paris
    6 rue Colonel Combes room C-104
    room C-104
    Paris 75007
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    LGBT Caucus Signup

    Democrats Abroad is committed to a world where all persons have access to the same rights and benefits, regardless of sexual identity or gender expression.


    The Democrats Abroad LGBT Caucus is the constituency group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex members and any Democrat abroad who supports them.

    The goals of the LGBT Caucus reflect the mission of Democrats Abroad to:

    • engage and empower LGBTI Americans living abroad to vote in US elections;
    • provide a platform for Democrats Abroad members, country committees and chapters to advance issues at the heart of the LGBTI community;
    • support Democrats Abroad’s members in issues they face living abroad as LGBTI Americans, such as access to government services and benefits for same-sex spouses and family members, the legacy resulting from past discrimination and Defense of Marriage Act.

    The LGBT Caucus: 

    • supports Democrats Abroad’s country committees and local chapters in organizing activities of interest to the LGBTI community, such as participation in pride events and voter outreach; 
    • disseminates information to Democrats Abroad members and promotes action on issues that affect LGBTI Americans and their families;
    • ensures that the LGBTI perspective is effectively incorporated in all the work of Democrats Abroad, including issues advocacy, communication and GOTV strategy, planning and execution; ensures that issues and policies that impact LGBTI Americans are included in the Democrats Abroad and Democratic Party platforms;
    • takes leadership in Democrats Abroad’s issues advocacy initiatives, including “door knock” visits to elected officials in Washington DC, to ensure that issues that impact LGBTI Americans living abroad and their families are included and addressed by elected representatives;
    • encourages LGBTI members to run for elected leadership roles within Democrats Abroad and fulfill Democrats Abroad’s diversity and affirmative action goals;
    • supports community building among Democrats Abroad’s LGBTI members and allies;
    • promotes Democratic Party candidates who demonstrate commitment to policies that positively impact the lives of LGBTI Americans;
    • supports and engages with Democratic Party LGBTI caucuses build capacity and achieve common goals.
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  • Kirsten Gillibrand explains how your vote from abroad makes a difference

    Kirsten Gillibrand is not running for anything in 2016, but she wants you to vote nonetheless. If you want to send a message to Washington to let them know that Americans abroad are a politically consequential constituency, the best way to do that is to vote. Significant numbers of votes in the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary will make our elected officials take notice. They are just now beginning to listen, and they are engaged with us like never before. Let's not miss this opportunity: help make the message loud and clear. Do what the Senator says : use your voice, cast your vote !


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    The Democratic Primary Comes to France

    Senator Sanders defeated Secretary Clinton in the New Hampshire Primary.  

    Now it's YOUR turn to decide!

    Vote in the Democrats Abroad Global Primary! 

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    Presidential Primary Voting Centers in France



     Where in France can you vote in the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary?  Find out here!

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  • Global Presidential Primary FAQ





    Q:  Am I eligible to vote in the Democrats Abroad Global Primary?

    A:  Any American living abroad, who will be at least 18 years old on Election Day 2016, and who is a member of Democrats Abroad is eligible to participate, on the condition of not having voted (or intending to vote) for a presidential candidate in any other state primary in 2016.


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    get JAZZED about 2016 !

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    Bienvenu à Democrats Abroad France !

    photo by Maurice Svay

    Welcome to Democrats Abroad France!

    Democrats Abroad France is the official country committee of U.S. Democrats living in France.   DAF is one of the original founding members of Democrats Abroad and is among its largest and most active members.   We offer a wide range of activities to our members, including voter registration assistance and education, monthly member Meet-Ups to discuss political issues and diverse topics, lectures, debates and panel discussions, film screenings, parties, guest speakers and special events throughout the year--and we have a lively Facebook page where we share all the great stuff we've got going on!

    DAF has recently welcomed Governor Howard Dean, Senators Tim Kaine and Kirstin Gillibrand, Representatives Carolyn Maloney and Dina Titus, businesswoman Christie Hefner, and political journalist Richard Reeves, and thanks to the magic of the internet, we have had live video dialogues with Senators Al Franken, Corey Booker, and Elizabeth Warren.  

    DAF is composed of 10 vibrant chapters in Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, the Riviera, Avignon, Normandy, Lyon and the Rhone Alps, each with their own distinctive flavor and feel.  Whether it's Political Wine in Nice, a Speakeasy in Grenoble, a Stammtisch in Strasbourg or Bar Night in Bordeaux, there's something going on every month in our our chapters!  Our Womens' Caucus, Minority Caucus, and LGBT Caucus, our chapter of Young Democrats Abroad, and our Environmental and Energy Policy Interest Group likewise sponsor a variety of events throughout the year, ranging from public lectures to the Gay Pride Picnic.  There's plenty of opportunity to meet fellow Democrats and talk politics!

    We are always excited to welcome new members and to help you vote from abroad, so whether you are new to France or having been living here for a while, please join with us to elect Democrats back home.  When Americans abroad vote, Democrats win, and when Democrats win, we all prosper.

    If you have questions or would like to volunteer with DAF please contact us.   

    Join Dems Abroad | Follow us on Facebook

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