January 24, 2020

30 Day Notice of Annual General Meeting

DA Chile Members:

We are excited to announce that our next Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Feb 25th.  Our plan is to take advantage of the Democratic debate scheduled for the same day, and meet for the AGM just prior to the debate. 

Date: Feb 25, 2020
Place: California Cantina (Las Urbinas 44-56, Providencia, Santiago) in the Jimador Room (2nd floor).
Time: 8.00 pm

During the AGM, we will discuss voting in the upcoming Global Democrats Abroad Presidential Primary (how, when, where and why),  review our finances, volunteer opportunities and discuss ideas for future get-togethers and fund raising opportunities during the campaign season and leading up to the election. 

We encourage you to come and participate in the AGM, and stay after to watch the debate, meet other like-minded Democrats, eat/drink and discuss some of the most important topics affecting the US and abroad. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

DA Chile Executive Committee