September 03, 2022

DA Finland Newsletter September 2022

Hello Friends,

⛽️ 🔌 Fall is in the air here in Finland, as we hunker down in preparation for exorbitant energy price hikes for winter, thanks to our bellicose Russian neighbors. Promise of Olkiluoto 3 nuclear energy relief by year end is still uncertain, unfortunately. Sanna Marin has been making headlines around the world, with feminist support emerging globally, even from the likes of Hilary Clinton. And President Biden plans to establish a new ambassador-at-large position focused on the Arctic region, which of course includes Finland, because of the growing strategic importance of the region geo-politically.

☔️ 🔥The U.S. and rest of the world continue to experience catastrophic climate events, with floods ravaging many states and countries. The Inflation Reduction Act has now been signed into law, set to drop the federal deficit, lower the price of drug prices for Medicare recipients, and put nearly $400 billion in resources toward climate change mitigation.

⚖️ 💪 Also embedded in the IRA, is text which amends the Clean Air Act, defining carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels as an air pollutant.  The EPA may therefore again have jurisdiction to regulate greenhouse gases and support adaption of various alternative energies. That power had been stripped by the June Supreme Court decision in W. Virginia vs the EPA. Good news indeed! Similarly, New York state just circumvented a Supreme Court decision in June, which prevented them from imposing stricter gun laws in the state, by voting on new legislation coming into effect this week.

🗽  Other positive news includes the victory of Mary Peltola (D) over Sarah Palin in Alaska (R) for a special congressional election. Peltola is not only the first Democrat sent to Washington in 50 years, but the first Naive American to represent her state. Her Finnish name reflects her current husband’s roots, by the way.

🎉 Encouraging legislative news also includes the new Chips and Science Act, a veterans bill which expands medical coverage for those exposed to toxic burn pits, and finally Biden’s promise to forgive up to $20,000 in student loans for those most in need.

🗳 Democrats are indeed working hard to bring solutions to the nation. Let’s take all the legislative wins to the bank this November for the midterms. Things are looking up, but we need all hands-on-deck to (re)elect Democrats up and down the ballot. To meet the enormous challenges ahead, we MUST hold the House and expand the Senate in November! If you haven’t registered to vote, file now at You are also needed and welcome to participate with us in getting out the vote and organizing at this critical time. Let us know if you have any problems or questions at [email protected].


☎️ Democrats Abroad is conducting phone banking campaigns across the world to ensure all our members are getting registered. If you haven’t heard from us yet, we will continue making calls through October to help and guide all of you as you prepare for the November midterms.

🎓 We will also begin doing student outreach at high schools and colleges throughout the country and would be grateful for some volunteers!


🙏 Please take some time today to make sure every American abroad in your networks has requested their 2022 ballot! You can:

-Create a personalized post on social media about voting from abroad: where, why, or how you vote. Be sure to include! 💻📣

-Share a DA and/or VFA post about overseas voting on your social media channels. 📱🌎

-Comment on relevant posts from DA Finland, fellow state parties, journalists, celebrities, etc. about the fact that U.S. citizens abroad can vote. Be sure to include! 📰⌨️

-Write to at least five contacts abroad and make sure they’ve requested their ballots – and encourage them to reach out to their networks as well! 🖋️✉️

-Help our CallHub campaign by volunteering for phone banking. Go to ☎️✅


PLEASE volunteer to phone bank for the 2022 election cycle. Training videos and live training sessions are available. It is easy, fun and gratifying…so sign up and let us know you’re available. Here is a link!

We'd love help with student voter outreach for the midterms at high schools with Americans kids turning 18 by November 8th and at colleges and universities around Finland. Contact us at [email protected] for more info.

We are actively looking for assistance with DA Finland social media, Facebook and Instagram. Are you or your older kids Insta users and interested in homing your skills for the good of democracy?? Get involved and learn more about what we do! Please give us a holler.

You can also consider getting involved with caucuses here in Finland or globally. Democrats Abroad has a wide range of caucuses that are mobilizing to keep you informed and to give you a voice.   Please check out to join these and many other enriching DA groups.


There are wonderful events taking place in Democrats Abroad virtually around the world, from book clubs to prominent speakers, caucus events, and more. DA Germany is also hosting a terrific in person Octoberfest event for all members once again this year, after a two year covid hiatus. To RSVP for this and many other events, and for a complete list of global happenings, check out the link .


We will be holding Drinking Liberally on Tuesday, September 6th at 6:00 pm, at our usual Bruuveri Pub at Kamppi Center, Helsinki. Weather permitting, we will be seated on the terrace, but you never know this time of the year. Please join us to share a beer or just a chat about our fears, ideas, or bits of good news in these unsettled times.