March 10, 2023

DASA Exco Roles and Responsibilities 2023

DASA Exco Roles and Responsibilities 2023

 Democrats Abroad South Africa (DASA) Executive Committee is comprised of the positions outlined below. Candidates will be elected for 2-year terms as outlined in the DASA Bylaws. Democrats Abroad is a volunteer-led organisation and seeks interest from Americans living in South Africa who are committed to developing the organisation’s capacity in South Africa.

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Counsel
  • Treasurer
  • 2 x Member at Large
  • 3 x DPCA Voting Reps

While an outline of the roles and responsibilities of each position are noted below, all ExCo Members are expected to contribute to the various aspects of fulfilling DASA’s responsibilities and aspirations, including but not limited to:

  • Communications (Newsletter, social media, Webpage Management, Email Distribution)
  • Keeping up to date with global and EMEA regional Democrats Abroad internal communications and meetings
  • Involvement with DA Caucuses and Task Teams (Serve as a liaison with at least one)
  • Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Voter Mobilisation
  • Events and Fundraising
  • Member outreach/engagement
  • Developing organizational capacity

Democrats Abroad is the official arm of the Democratic Party representing Americans living outside of the United States. Democrats Abroad South Africa (DASA) is an official Country Committee (CC) of Democrats Abroad Global and thus our priorities, activities and responsibilities are closely linked to those of our regional and global structures. There are significant organizational changes taking place within the global body. It is important to note that DASA is still in its early stages of organisational development and growth. The organization needs high levels of commitment and flexibility from its new leadership. We seek nominations from members that will take some initiative and be team players.

Our overarching goal is to mobilize overseas voters to vote in upcoming elections. As noted in the roles and responsibilities outlined below, we seek people with wide ranging organizational skills and levels of interest. As DASA re-establishes its presence in South Africa, we seek to develop our internal capacity to fulfil our core CC priorities which include increased engagement both at local and regional levels. Key to this is compliance including managing Federal Elections Commission (FEC) regulations and Democrats Abroad Global processes, as well as pursuing the increasing opportunities made possible using technology to reach and mobilise overseas American voters. Democrats Abroad utilizes NationBuilder CRM software for database management, webpage management and email distribution services for outreach and membership engagement. This means technology and process-oriented skills are wanted at an Exco level. Furthermore, Democrats Abroad offers comprehensive training for NationBuilder Database management access.


The Chairperson shall be the chief executive officer of the organization, shall call and preside over all meetings of members and of the Executive Committee, and shall have responsibility for all activities approved by the organization. The Chairperson shall sit ex-officio on all committees of the organization including Standing and Ad-hoc Committees, with full voting privileges.

The Chair provides overall leadership to DASA and serves as the primary liaison with Democrats Abroad at a global and regional level. The responsibilities of the Chair include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting the overall strategic objectives and goals and overseeing the day-to-day management of the organization, in consultation with the Executive Committee.
  • Appointing committees or individuals to execute the business of the organization and managing them to ensure the overall success of the organization.
  • Serving as CC representative at meetings of the DPCA (Democratic Party Committee Abroad) – Democrats Abroad international governing body and EMEA Regional meetings.
  • The position of chair is extremely time consuming and requires great commitment, geopolitical sensitivity, organizational aptitude, key leadership capabilities and strategic planning skills. 

Estimated commitment time: 10-15 hours per week


Vice Chair**

 In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall call and preside at meetings of members and of the Executive Committee. The Vice-Chair shall have such other duties as the Chairperson shall define from time-to-time.

This is a great opportunity for someone who would like to expand their network and liaise with DA leaders on the continent and globally. We are looking for someone who will enjoy a mix of leadership and administrative responsibilities:

  • Organisational position that is both a leadership and support role(s)
  • Provide leadership support to both Chair and Exco members.  
  • Organize and Coordinate Exco meetings with Chair and Secretary
  • Attend local global events especially in the Chair’s absence.
  • Assist with a range of administrative functions including NationBuilder, Fundraising, PR/Comms and Special Events & Projects
  • Represent DASA at Democrats Abroad Africa Committee (DAAC), Regional EMEA and other global structures as well as attending relevant meetings and events (primarily online, 3-5 per month)

Estimated commitment time: 5-10 hours per week



 The Secretary shall maintain a current list of members of the organization (containing sensitive personal information such as name, mail and e-mail addresses, other contact details including State & Local voting districts and such other information as the DPCA may deem necessary from time to time), be the keeper of ExCom’s monthly meeting minutes, and all the archives and administrative records of the organization. All such records shall be open for inspection by members.

It is essential that the Secretary have strong organizational skills and be willing to help develop DASA’s organizational tools and structures. The Secretary should be comfortable with electronic communication tools, including learning the use of new tools used within Democrats Abroad. Experience using CRM software or comfort in learning to use NationBuilder is preferred.

  • Assist with setting up Exco meetings and agendas
  • Compliance and reporting as required by Democrats Abroad including but not limited to:
    • Minutes of Exco meetings (monthly)
    • Submit AGM minutes within 15 days of meeting (once a year)
    • Certification of membership (Annually)
  • Help to keep the team organized
  • Help maintain DASA resources such as our calendar, webpage, newsletter, membership database and other communication resources (includes the use of NationBuilder
  • Identify and share information from Democrats Abroad global as required
  • Support the administrative and compliance related needs regarding set-up of new Exco members

Estimated commitment time: 5-10 hours per week



 The Treasurer shall manage the finances of the organization, maintain, and present financial reports and make and maintain such financial reports as may be required by law, including without limitation the laws and regulations of the United States and the several States applicable to political parties and contributions to them. All such records shall be open for inspection by members. The Treasurer shall consult with the International Treasurer of Democrats Abroad from time to time on matters concerning the maintenance of financial records and financial reporting (notably to the United States Federal Election Commission).

Democrats Abroad Global has embarked on a process of restructuring their financial management and fundraising processes, including reporting, and is still in the process of working out the details. It is essential that the Treasurer be willing to liaise with the International Treasurer and global structures, and learn/use new systems as they adapt and maintain compliance with the FEC. All funding now runs directly through the global bank accounts, rather than locally.

  • Budgeting and costing
  • Oversee fundraising (*preferred but not required)
  • Responsibility for FEC compliance
  • Compliance with Democrats Abroad Global requirements including, but not limited to monthly financial reports.

Estimated commitment time: 5-10 hours per month



The Counsel shall be available for consultation on legal and procedural questions relating to DASA and its activities, and the interpretation of and compliance with the Bylaws of the DASA, and the Charter and Bylaws of Democrats Abroad.

The Counsel may be asked to advise on a range of issues that arise through Democrats Abroad Global’s continuous growth and professionalisation processes. The Counsel is expected to contribute to and provide input on the financial and fundraising aspects of DASA’s work as FEC compliance is a priority and change is ongoing.

 Estimated commitment time: 5-10 hours per month


 Members at Large (2)

Members-at-Large support all aspects of DASA’s work and are encouraged to lead areas of specific interest and organizational need such as communications, member engagement and voter mobilisation, NationBuilder, Caucus and Task Team focus areas, fundraising, events, and advocacy.

Estimated commitment time: 5-10 hours per month


 DPCA Voting Representatives**

The members of DASA are represented in the DPCA by the Chair and Vice-Chair of DASA and such Voting Representatives as may be authorized by the DPCA Charter. DPCA votes are allocated to DASA from time to time in accordance with the terms of the DPCA Charter, and such votes may be cast by the Chair, the Vice Chair, and the Voting Representatives (or by their valid proxies).

Voting Representatives may also be, but need not be, elected members of the DASA Executive Committee. Voting Representatives are expected to attend meetings of the DASA Executive Committee at which issues relevant to DPCA are on the agenda. They are expected to attend all DPCA meetings at which they are entitled to vote, either electronically (using methods approved by the DPCA) or in person; if they are unable to attend, they are expected to arrange effective proxies as allowed by the rules of the DPCA.

Estimated commitment time: 5-10 hours per month


DPCA Non-Voting Representatives**

 Description and duties: DASA shall elect a number of Non-Voting Representatives to the DPCA to the extent allowed by the DPCA Charter. Non-Voting Representatives are expected to attend meetings of the DASA Executive Committee at which issues relevant to DPCA are on the agenda. They are expected to attend all DPCA meetings at which they are entitled to participate, either electronically (using methods approved by the DPCA) or in person.

Estimated commitment time: 5-10 hours per month


**Statement on Gender Balance:

Gender balance rules of the Democratic Party and DPCA apply to the Chair, Vice-Chair, as well as DPCA Voting and Non-Voting Representative(s).

Persons whose gender is non-binary may be elected as Chair, Vice-Chair, and/or DPCA Voting or Non-Voting Representative(s) in any number up to the total number of those positions.

For all of these positions – Chair, Vice Chair, and DPCA Voting and Non-Voting Representatives (collectively, the “DPCA Voting Delegation”) – the number of persons with a binary gender shall be balanced between males and females, with the sole exception being when the total number of members of the DPCA Voting Delegation is an odd number due to (i) the size of the DPCA Voting Delegation and/or (ii) the election of one or more persons of a non-binary gender. In either case, the difference between the total number of males and females in the DPCA Voting Delegation shall be one.