Make sure that our voices are heard!

The Global Youth Caucus (GYC)  Needs Your Help!  ( *Commences to play Help by The Beatles from a boombox outside your House!) 

The GYC  aims to provide young people living abroad a forum so that their concerns, views and voices are heard, not just by Democrats Abroad but also by Democrats back home in the States. 

Here’s the good news: GYC has officially become a part of the Young Democrats of America! This allows us to take the issues that young people living abroad face directly to the youth wing of the Democratic Party.

Here’s the bad news: GYC would like to send a delegation to the annual conference that YDA is holding this year, but we can’t afford it 

Which is why we need YOUR help!


Why Should You Donate? 

Two words - Representation Matters. 

The Global Youth Caucus Steering Committee represents every geographic area and timezone of the world, each of us brings a new perspective to an issue based on where we live.  We represent where we come from and while this is exemplary, it’s just the first step! 

The reason the GYC would like to send a delegation is to develop a sustainable bridge between DA and YDA which will create a legacy of unity for young people at home and those living abroad! 

How is Your Money Making A Change? 

Every dollar donated by you will be used to make sure that the GYC's voice at YDA is one of the loudest in the room. Gen Z has proven time and time again that they'll show up to vote for Democrats - and the GYC wants to make sure that our party is turning out the youth vote and the overseas vote.

Thank you for your support!