Videos About Climate Change and the Environment


Show a video about Climate Change and the environment in your monthly meeting, share them with your networks, or just watch them to educate yourself.


A Message from the Future with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (The Intercept and Naomi Klein–7.35 minutes)

The Truth in Ten (Al Gore, Climate Leadership Project–10minutes)

Climate Change Explained Simply. A good primer on what is happening and what will happen if nothing is done.


It's hard to care about climate change


Ilissa Ocko: The fastest way to slow climate change now | TED Countdown.  On methane and how we can fix this problem rapidly.


Why Climate Change Is a Threat to Human Rights | Mary Robinson | TED Talks


Extinction Rebellion - IPCC summary with Clare Farrell & Charlie Gardner


The latest IPCC report explained in under 7 minutes


2022 IPCC Report Explained: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability


Why Farmers Can’t Legally Replant Their Own Seeds


Why Are Scientists So Worried About Greenland?


Can we survive the coming decades?


Bill McKibben on Dire IPCC Climate Report & How Oil and Gas Are Fueling Putin's Ukraine Invasion


Unpacking the IPCC Report: Climate Change and the Way Forward


What is Climate Change?


What is Climate Change?


See what three degrees of global warming looks like


Why Climate Change Denial Still Exists In The U.S.


The End of Oil, Explained


Explained | World's Water Crisis