October 27, 2021

Living in Spain Series

Living in Spain isn’t all fun in the sun, siestas and fiestas.

There is also making your way through the bureaucratic minefield and discovering what people mean when they say ‘Spain is different.’ 

To help you navigate the minefield so that you can have more fun in the sun, DA Spain’s Women’s Caucus (SWC) is proud to announce a new webinar series called ‘Living in Spain.’ 

Once a month, for an hour, Living in Spain will host a guest speaker who will present on a topic of great interest and answer audience questions. The webinars will take place on select Wednesdays at 6 p.m. 

And wait… Christmas is coming! Are you looking forward to spending the holidays with family in the States but dread talking to that crazy uncle wearing the MAGA hat? 

We’ve got the tools to help you tackle that holiday awkwardness. Our own Victor Horcasitas is the December-15th webinar guest speaker and will share sage advice on how to talk to Republicans. 

Mark your calendars! Further topics that have been confirmed are: 

  • January 12th: Residency visas and immigration
  • February 9th: Renters rights and buying property
  • March 9th: Making a will, probate and inheritance
  • April 6th: Litigation in Spain
  • May:  US citizen tax obligations while living abroad (Tentative)

We are looking for experts to talk about:

  • Health care/hospice and growing old in Spain
  • Retirement and the agreement between the US. Social Security and Spanish pension system
  • Education and raising bilingual children. 

Are there any other topics of interest? Do you know anyone willing to be a guest on one of our webinars?  Send your suggestions and ideas to [email protected]