Americans Abroad March for Family Reunification in the US

Democrats Abroad joined dozens of other groups this weekend to march in cities around the world, calling on legislators to ensure that there is a safe, expedited solution to reunify those families that have been separated and offers a reasonable solution for asylum seekers and immigrants. The organization, representing the 9 million overseas Americans, has held marches and rallies around the world on issues including gender equality and guns safety legislation, science and immigration.

Speaking on the issue, Democrats Abroad International Chair Julia Bryan explained, “As Americans abroad, we understand what it’s like to live between cultures and countries. And a great many of us live in countries that continue to wrestle with immigration issues of their own. But nowhere in the world is it acceptable to be separating or incarcerating families - indefinitely, at that. Our members, like Americans across the U.S. and our friends around the world, will not stand for this treatment. We’re speaking out because it’s right. Because we must.”

Ana Blackstad, Chair of the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus added, “It’s no secret that Trump holds extremely bigoted beliefs when it comes to immigrants who play such a critical role in the United States and his own businesses. We've spoken out about his ongoing attempts to ban Muslim immigrants and target DACA recipients with harsh policies. But Trump crosses a different line entirely when he holds thousands of children hostage  for his wall. Families should not be incarcerated. Children should not be locked up.”

Recent events, including President Trump’s most recent executive order, have only exacerbated the concern over America’s immigration practices, suggesting the possibility of indefinite incarceration for families, no end to the practice of separating families, no plan to reunify the thousands already separated, in addition to the labeling of thousands fleeing for their lives as criminals rather than asylum seekers.

”This humanitarian crisis is one created entirely by the Trump administration and those in Congress who choose not to enact legislation that would override his directive.” added Bryan “These practices are entirely unjust, inhumane and unAmerican. They go against what we strive to be as a nation. And the Republican party has demonstrated that they have no qualms with supporting it. That’s why at our rallies we’ll also be encouraging Americans to register and request their ballots. Republicans in office have proven they can’t fix it. So we will. It’s time to vote them out.”

Democrats Abroad participated and held marches and rallies this weekend in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Grenoble, Guadalajara, Lyon, Madrid, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Sao Paulo, Strasbourg, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Valencia, Vienna, Wiesbaden, and London.