Carol Gould, in UK 41 years #DAresists #Medicare4all

3x cancer; diabetic; broken shoulder; lymphoedema; heart attack

I have had many health issues over 41 years and NOT ONE PENNY has ever changed hands in my fabulous care under the NHS. My medications - 18 pills a day - have been free for ten years now ( I am 64) and all medications are free in the UK to the over-60s and students. The British NHS was established in 1947. Had FDR not died suddenly in 1945 I am convinced he would have embraced Attlee's brilliant NHS and established an identical healthcare plan for all Americans to the US. I have not been able to travel to the USA to see my family for eleven years because I cannot get UK travel insurance to the USA. This is because British insurers are terrified of the bills that will come in should I fall ill in the USA. I cannot get care in the USA not can I afford it. PLEASE BRING AN NHS TO THE USA! Carol Gould