Healthcare in Austria #DAresists #Medicare4all

My family in Montana are all jealous of my health care in Austria. I can go to the general practicioner without an appointment and have to wait 20 minutes at the most. If a specialist is required I can make an appointment if the condition is not urgent or the GP gets me in immediately if it is. Doctor visits are free. Prescriptions cost approximately € 5. I had a friend who had leukemia and another who had a stroke. They both spent weeks in the hospital with excellent care - all paid by the system. It gives one peace of mind to know that an illness or accident will not result in your savings being depleted. When politicians tell the American public that "we don't want to be like socialist Europe", they are only speaking for themselves. The rich can afford their medical care. The vast majority of Americans would love the socialized system if only they knew what it does for them. - Brenda in Austria