May 06, 2024

DA Platform 2024: We Aspire To This!

by Sarajane Kidd Leone, DAGR Vice Chair

DAGR Chair Brady Kiesling mentioned in his Easter greetings to our membership the privilege of being able to take part in “ancient, still living traditions” and our good fortune in having enough volunteers dedicated to their preservation. What a timely and wonderful recognition of our volunteer community and their dedication to service!

Many traditional celebrations may follow an ancient roadmap, but like all customs underpinned by values, ritual and convention, there is always need for consultation and cooperation along the way to success.

Evaluation, interrogation, dialogue, debate and compromise are all elements of a successful community effort, and our democratic traditions are no different. Democrats Abroad has been busy with their own roadmap of consultation towards a successful and inclusive democratic process, the DA Platform, and it is not too late to get informed …. or involved.

So, what is the DA Platform?

The Democrats Abroad Platform defines the aspirations of DA as an organization. It is a living document, developed at every election cycle with the inputs of members to match the times in which we live.

Where are we now in the process?

A global Platform Committee was established early this year to lead the 2024 Platform preparation. Other members also contributed draft 'planks.' After an initial Platform Survey, a series of Platform Town Halls across the globe, and reams of thoughtful commentary, Draft #3 is being shared today.  Have a look here!

What’s next?

The 2024 Platform Committee’s goal is to focus and fine tune the document to have a quality and action-oriented Platform by late May.

How can you help?

Read Draft #3.

If you have a specific idea about what to change in the draft, or feel that something has been forgotten, send some exact wording or help to refine a paragraph. Clearly not every idea can be reflected in the final text, but every idea is useful in helping the committee create a meaningful and impactful document. They invite all of us members to “stick with them for the remainder of the journey and enjoy the ride”!

It is a great opportunity – don’t miss it!

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