Arian Ardie: Dedicated Champion for Democrats Abroad

It is with heavy hearts that we share the very sad news of Arian Ardie's passing.

Arian was Chair of Democrats Abroad Indonesia and a long term volunteer for the organization. Arian spent much of his life living and working abroad, including decades in Indonesia. He was a passionate Democrat and an integral part of Democrats Abroad Indonesia for many years, including serving several terms as Chair of Indonesia, as well as Asia Pacific Media Liaison in 2013-2014.

“Arian was an integral part of the Democrats Abroad family and a leader to our members in Indonesia for over a decade," commented Julia Bryan, Democrats Abroad International Chair. "We are holding Jilliah and his family in our hearts, and we are so grateful for the time he gave to us and the legacy he leaves behind.”

One of the highlights during his tenure was in 2008, when the country committee organized a midnight vote during the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary. His efforts saw people such as General Wesley Clark and Maya Soetoro Ng (President Obama's sister) join by video conference to speak to Democrats gathered that night.

Wayne Weightman of Democrats Abroad in Cambodia and former International Treasurer, shared some of his memories about Arian: "I got to chat with Arian frequently during the Obama campaign, as well as later through the years. When I was on the Democrats Abroad task force trying to stop the end to consular processing of I-130s [helping family members of Americans immigrate to the United States], Arian was very helpful with that and communicating with the Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia. He was a dedicated Democrats Abroad champion from our region."

Kat Allikian, Regional Vice Chair for Asia Pacific added, "I personally will cherish my discussions with Arian over the years. Aside from Democrats Abroad, we talked at length about another of his interests, the production of tempeh, which is a key source of protein in Indonesia. Tempeh is produced by a fermentation process, and as a fermentation scientist myself, I loved 'talking shop' with him. Arian was a pleasure to work with and a gentleman to know. We have lost a remarkable man. I know I speak for all of us when I say we send our heartfelt support to Arian's family and friends."

For those interested in supporting the Ardie family, please visit the GoFundMe page for Arian's grandson, Volero. Volero was born with meconium aspiration syndrome and persistent pulmonary hypertension, which made it impossible for him to breathe without the help of a machine. Arian passed away before he had the chance to meet his new grandson. The Ardie family approves our mentioning this, and we hope that Volero can be home with the rest of their family soon.


Arian Ardie
Dedicated Champion for Democrats Abroad